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Socket fire is the culprit of family fire

>& gt;& gt; Top 10 causes of fire caused by switches and sockets

do you know what electrical equipment is the most dangerous to catch fire and lose the most? It's not a computer or a TV, but your power outlet. In the process of home decoration, the switch socket is often considered to be the least important link, but if the power socket is improperly installed, it will become buried in the wall “ Stealth bombs ”. According to the data of the Ministry of public security, fires caused by short circuits in power sockets, switches and circuit breakers accounted for about 30% in the past 10 years, ranking first among all kinds of fires. Among them, the quality of switches and sockets and the problems caused by their installation are one of the important reasons for electrical fires

warning 17 yuan inferior socket burned 3000 yuan

at the beginning of May 2006, Mr. Liu in Shanghai used 7 yuan to buy a multipurpose row socket from an electrical appliance store, and installed it in a wooden upstairs after going home. On the morning of May 21, when Mr. Liu was not at home, a fire broke out at home. Fortunately, the neighbors came to put out the fire. The economic losses of the fire amounted to more than 3000 yuan. Mr. Liu found out that the fire was caused by the poor quality of the newly bought electric drain socket, so he went to the owner to ask for compensation, which was rejected by Mr. Zhang

reminder: This is another victim case caused by improper socket selection. At present, many socket manufacturers choose low-cost plastic as raw materials to reduce costs. These low-cost plastics have poor temperature resistance, low flame retardancy, and are easy to soften and deform after long-term use, resulting in circuit short circuit and fire events. The reporter learned that the market mostly attracts consumers with low prices. The price of nearly 10000 yuan computer sockets in many units' offices is only about 10 yuan. However, according to relevant parties, the quality of sockets below 20 yuan will not be high. The metal reed inside this kind of socket has poor conductivity and is easy to accumulate heat. With the surge of power consumption, it will cause electrical appliances to ignite, contact aging, open circuit, deformation and virtual connection, which will bury serious fire hazards for families. National statistics show that the qualified rate of sampling inspection of socket products nationwide is only 22.6%! Fire retardant sockets that can play a fire-fighting role are rare

the quality of sockets is mixed. Once you choose a fake socket, it seems that you “ Save ” After a while, who knows, you have buried a hidden danger for yourself. How to avoid fire caused by socket? In fact, the practice is very simple. When we buy sockets, we must choose sockets made of shell materials with excellent flame retardant performance, which can fundamentally prevent the generation and spread of fire sources. In addition, the metal reed inside the socket is best made of phosphor bronze, which has excellent conductivity and small temperature rise, so as to avoid the socket working for a long time, and the internal heat accumulation is too high and spontaneous combustion. You can't go wrong buying a socket with good brand reputation in a big shopping mall





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