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The construction of investment channels is the top priority for door and window enterprises to develop the retail market. In order to expand and strengthen the retail market, door and window enterprises should adjust their investment strategies according to the needs of changing consumer groups, and Asian materials doors and windows will give you tips

first trick: with the help of media publicity

some enterprises will complain that their funds are limited and they cannot carry out large-scale advertising. However, even if the funds are tight, publicity and promotion cannot be ignored, because most enterprises have grown up thanks to media promotion. An enterprise without media promotion can only be a small rich person or be gradually eliminated

however, how can China's small and medium-sized door and window enterprises use limited funds to achieve the most effective promotion? A person in charge of door and window enterprises believes that some small and medium-sized door and window enterprises that are unable to carry out rounds of bombing propaganda on consumers in CCTV and other major television stations can selectively put advertisements in other media, such as industry magazines, industry websites, bus bodies, outdoor signs, etc. Although the advertising investment will not be too large, because most people who subscribe to these magazines, browse these websites, and pay attention to the content of bus or outdoor advertisements are insiders, they can often achieve twice the result with half the effort

although most door and window enterprises have their own websites and brochures, they can't receive the publicity effect that industry magazines and other media can bring. Because the click through rate of enterprise websites is certainly not comparable to that of industry websites, and the distribution of brochures cannot be spread all over the country, there are many blind spots. Therefore, enterprises should choose the best way of publicity according to their own strength and needs

second move: build regional brands

nowadays, many well funded door and window enterprises have invested heavily in advertising on CCTV. After building a national brand, investment attraction has become a natural thing. But most door and window enterprises do not have such strength. If they want to explore the national market, they must wholeheartedly do their own regional brands first. Steady development is the way to become bigger and stronger

some enterprises with strategic vision generally shape themselves into regional brands first. After accumulating a certain reputation and having stable marketing channels, it is difficult for foreign enterprises to pose a threat to them. After removing these worries, they began to gradually develop to the peripheral market, and then build a national brand. Therefore, the first step for an enterprise to become bigger and stronger is to build a regional brand

the third trick: establish a professional team

at present, there are also some professional teams in China that specially plan and attract investment for enterprises. This kind of investment promotion team often has huge information resources and professional customers, which can not only save the enterprise trouble and effort, but also pay according to the effect of investment promotion, eliminating the worry of "nothing". Therefore, if the enterprise still cannot achieve the expected effect through its own efforts, it may as well try this approach

it is not a simple thing for enterprises to become bigger and stronger, especially in the current "cold winter" situation in the industry, when many door and window dealers have to reduce their brands or withdraw, manufacturers will encounter some bottlenecks in attracting investment, which requires enterprises to have a unique strategic vision and choose the most suitable and effective way to expand the market

the fourth trick: to participate in the industry exhibition

small and medium-sized door and window enterprises want to enter the national market, relying solely on themselves to establish direct stores across the country is not only costly, but also unrealistic. If the enterprise has the backing of regional brands and media publicity, it can start to look for powerful franchisees and agents across the country. At this time, it is necessary to participate in the exhibition. Because enterprises can have zero distance contact with dealers at the exhibition and realize deeper communication, which is the best time to attract investment

at present, there are many kinds of domestic home furnishing exhibitions, and enterprises cannot participate in them all. Not only their energy and funds are not allowed, but also some exhibitions will not bring great help to enterprises' investment promotion. During the market visit, the author has heard many complaints from the owners of door and window enterprises. Although they have participated in many exhibitions, most of them have nothing except to lose time and money. After the communication, the author found that these enterprises are all blindly and indiscriminately participating in the exhibition, and they simply do not choose the exhibition according to their own needs

insiders suggest that door and window enterprises should choose professional door and window exhibitions, especially large-scale professional exhibitions held by powerful companies, such as industrial exhibitions created by more than 1000 people in media companies. This kind of exhibition is not only well publicized in the early stage, but also covers a wide range. Dealers from all over the country will visit and choose their own brands. Generally speaking, visitors to such exhibitions are well prepared, and the transaction rate is much higher. Yacai doors and windows has been learning from experience and believes that it will achieve better results in the future





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