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Qicheng road and Bridge grouting material is a very important building material. Because the bridge grouting material has the advantages of high-performance plasticizer, surfactant, calcium silicate micro expansion agent, hydration heat inhibitor, migration rust inhibitor, nano mineral silicon aluminum calcium iron powder, stabilizer, etc., whether the grouting material can be used correctly is related to the quality of the project

after years of experiments, Hebei Qicheng road and Bridge Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. and China General Academy of building materials science, now let's share with you the correct use of bridge grouting material

bridge grouting materials can be divided into highway grouting materials and railway grouting materials according to their uses. Their correct use methods are summarized as follows:

1. The equipment installation must comply with relevant regulations. The fabrication of prestressed reinforcement, the installation of anchorages, clamps, the application of prestress, grouting, etc. shall meet the design requirements and the provisions of the provisional technical conditions of prestressed concrete precast beams for passenger dedicated lines

2. The proportion of grouting material and cement slurry must comply with scientific data, and the mix proportion experiment must be done well before use. Our grout manufacturer can do the mix proportion experiment of grout and cement for free. To ensure the quality of our project

3. When in use, the reference water cement ratio of cement slurry for mixing prestressed pipeline grouting material should not be greater than 0.34, and the recommended water cement ratio is 0.29-0.32. The actual water cement ratio should be determined according to the requirements of the grouting material manufacturer. When in use, add 80% - 90% of the actual mixing water into the mixer, start the mixer, evenly add all the grouting materials, mix while adding, and then evenly add all the cement. Add all the powder and stir it slowly for 2min, then stir it quickly for 1min, add the remaining 10% - 20% mixing water, and continue to stir for 1min

4. Stability and time must be operated in strict accordance with scientific data. The duration of cement slurry from mixing to pressing into the duct depends on the temperature, generally within the range of 30-45min

5. The grouting material should be continuously stirred before use and during grouting

it is not difficult to use the bridge grouting material. As long as we strictly control the product quality during the construction process and follow the above five operation methods mentioned by the grouting material manufacturer, we can correctly apply the bridge grouting material and avoid some unnecessary troubles

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