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The high house price has never been reduced, and finally bought the second-hand house with great determination, but the bathroom decoration of the second-hand house is indeed a headache

the high house price has never been reduced, and finally bought the second-hand house with a strong heart, but the bathroom decoration of the second-hand house is indeed a headache. In the face of that small and dilapidated bathroom, I don't know where to start. Maybe the following tips for the bathroom decoration of the second-hand house can help the owners

>& gt;& gt; Relevant recommendations: Rules for the purchase of sanitary equipment other than good-looking

first, make a water leakage test

before decorating the toilet of a second-hand house, the toilet should be tested for water storage and leakage for 24 to 48 hours

specific methods: 1. Block the floor drain first, put about 5cm deep water for test, and check whether there is water leakage. In case of water leakage, waterproof treatment shall be carried out again

2. After the waterproof treatment, wait until the ground is completely dry, and then lay tiles for overall decoration

3. It should be noted that when squatting in the bathroom and changing to a seat, the waterproof of the lower nozzle of the toilet must be specially handled

4. When designing and decorating the top of the toilet, it should be considered to facilitate disassembly and assembly for future inspection and maintenance

II. Thoroughly inspect the water and electricity lines

the reconstruction of the water and electricity part is the most common process in the decoration of second-hand houses, and it is also the most easily ignored and problematic project

specific methods: 1. The original wires must be thoroughly tested in advance to see whether the original wires are rusted and aging. If the power meets the requirements and the line is in good condition, the circuit transformation does not need to start over completely, just add and delete

2. The circuit improvement related to the toilet is mainly when the circuit is partially replaced or increased. For example, the bathroom was originally not equipped with Yuba. Because the power of Yuba is between 2000 Watts and 2500 watts, it needs to add a line

3. If the original pipeline uses galvanized pipes that have been eliminated, they must all be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes during construction

III. If the wall and floor reconstruction can be saved, the decoration of the wall and floor need not be too particular. The imported high-end ceramic tiles cost a lot and are not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect in a small space. It is better to use domestic ceramic tiles with dozens of yuan per square meter. Nowadays, there is also a kind of wall paint specially used in the bathroom, which costs about 40 yuan/square meter, and it is also a cheap and good choice

IV. "slimming" body shape sanitary ware is the first choice

1. Toilet - the most common toilet in the market is divided into integral and split toilets. Generally speaking, the overall toilet is shorter than the body, but the floor area is larger, so choosing split toilets in a small space can save land

recommended products: Lejia Polo round toilet, Jiufu Eliza C66 toilet, Kohler k-8753 otian toilet, Kohler k-3447 fenlel toilet. These toilets are only 70 cm long. Their "slimming" shape has become an ideal choice for second-hand toilets, and the price is about twoorthree yuan

2. Bathtub: if you want to see a bathtub with a depth of less than 1.5 meters, the depth is often deeper than the general bathtub, about 70 cm. Due to the small area of the tank bottom, this bathtub is easier to stand than ordinary bathtubs, which will not affect the comfort of use at all

recommended product: Kohler k-1490 Dishu skirt free bathtub, with a length of just over 1.2 meters, can really play a big role in a small space. Kohler's other small sizes, such as k-8272 oglass, k-8262 colthurt, k-745 Xifu bathtub, are space saving options. The price of these bathtubs is within 5000 yuan

3. Wash basin: refuse the column basin, and generally do not tend to install the column basin, because the lower column space can hardly be used, unless it is wrapped in the bathroom cabinet? It's better to buy a narrow basin on the stage and save money to buy a super large off stage cabinet. American Standard counters have many round or oblong basins, which are very delicate with a very small table top. There is also Lejia karahari basin, which is pressed with thin glass, without a little sense of massiness. The extended table top can put a lot of bath supplies. The price of these basins is about one or two thousand yuan. With the investment of ceramic tiles within 1000 yuan, and some small cabinets or brackets, the transformation of this bathroom can be completed at about 10000 yuan





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