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The reception area is an important area in the residence, and the furniture that needs to be used is also the most. In order to coordinate the style, many families choose combination furniture, such as TV cabinet and tea table combination suit. The combined furniture will look more beautiful and fashionable, with a higher overall grade, which will brighten people's eyes. It also solves the owner's trouble of matching, and becomes the highlight of the living room. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages, price and purchase knowledge of the TV cabinet coffee table combination set

TV cabinet tea table combination suit is good

1. Usually when we talk about combination, what everyone thinks of is one, in fact, it is not the case. It can also refer to a suit of the same style, which is not simple, free and boastful. The combined suite furniture has unique charm, which can not only meet the visual enjoyment of the family, but also meet the living needs of the family. If combined with the design of multi-storey cabinets, it can also greatly meet the placement needs of daily items, which is both beautiful and practical

2. Another important feature of such a suit is the unification of style, which makes the overall environment appear cleaner and fashionable. In addition, it also reduces the trouble of owners' selection and brings convenience to life. Combined furniture not only has complete functions and novel styles, but also is simple, fashionable, environmental friendly and can make the best use of everything. In addition, modular furniture covers a small area and is easy to match with family decoration style

3. Its production is often carried out in large quantities by assembly lines, which saves materials and makes the process more refined. Some metal components will be used for connection during production, so it is convenient for disassembly and handling in the later stage. The most important thing is to save labor intensity and workload, and greatly reduce the cost

price of TV cabinet tea table combination set

as we all know, this kind of set has a wide range of categories and manufacturers, and different styles, with great differences in price. For example, the price of Lin's wood Chinese style solid wood TV cabinet tea table combination set is about 2800 yuan, and there are also 5.6000 expensive ones. We hope that consumers will decide what is suitable for them according to their family budget. (the above price comes from the Internet, for reference only, and the specific price is subject to purchase)

purchasing skills of tea table combination set of TV cabinet

1, size

generally, the height of people sitting on the seat is about 400mm, and the line of sight when watching TV should be parallel when sitting down. Therefore, when choosing TV cabinet, its height should not exceed 700mm at the highest, and it is appropriate to keep it at 400mm to 500mm. The height of the tea table should be flush with the sitting surface of the sofa

2. Style

although the style of this suit is consistent, it should also be considered with the whole room when purchasing, otherwise it will appear abrupt, and the style that is easier to integrate into the overall space should be selected

3. Function

in order to make the goods effective, the complete functions should be considered when choosing their styles, and the tea table should not only consider the beautiful decoration. It needs to carry tea sets, small food, etc. Therefore, the carrying function and storage function are very important. If the room is small, you can consider buying a tea table with storage function or one with retraction function, or adjust it as needed

summary: the above is the relevant knowledge of the TV cabinet tea table combination set that Xiaobian brought to you today. I believe that friends have also learned a certain amount. You can refer to the advantages and disadvantages and purchase skills of the TV cabinet tea table combination set. There are many places to pay attention to when buying, and there are many styles. No matter what style you choose, the practical performance must be ranked first




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