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For 8 days, covering 2189 kilometers, from south to North and from north to south, leshangju met thousands of you at the Beijing Exhibition and Shenzhen exhibition, creating countless moving pictures

eight days

spanning 2189 kilometers

from south to north, from north to South

Beijing Exhibition • Shenzhen exhibition

Le Shangju met thousands of you

created countless moving pictures

Beijing Exhibition/3.1-3.4

2019 Beijing wallpaper wall exhibition can be described as a master move, brilliant, and Le Shangju incorporated superb technology and exquisite design into this new product, The finished product customization mode of "simplicity, creativity, fashion and comfort" is used to meet people's pursuit of simple and exquisite life

Shenzhen exhibition/3.7-3.10

2019 is not only the first year of the finished curtain of Shenzhen international home textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition, but also the year of leshangju's flying. Taking into account personalized and one-stop consumption needs, leshangju focuses on finished products + customization + overall soft clothing. Whether it is quality or service, leshangju is more guaranteed and more confident to make you fall in love with life and home

simplicity is not simple. Behind "minimalism is beauty" is the pursuit of refinement. It is free and easy, and it is a fashionable and non boastful attitude towards life. Leshangju 2019 series of finished curtain new products, selected materials, interwoven and matched with different processes, perfect presentation

at the same time, during the exhibition, we also launched "Le Chao" stores and "Le Ju" stores, which are suitable for large and small franchises, giving more options to soft decoration entrepreneurship, and providing one-stop home soft decoration design matching and scheme implementation services, enabling terminal sales

we believe that there is nothing that can easily impress you except craftsmanship and professional services.

this is the beginning, and it is also a commitment that we will continue to move forward on the road of finished curtain customization

join hands with more like-minded partners to win the future





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