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Automated three-dimensional warehouse shows its magic power in three minutes

what can you do in three minutes? Maybe you haven't finished an apple or a glass of water? However, the automatic three-dimensional warehouse of Kunming China Railway Large Road Maintenance Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is not allowed to return oil. A cargo has been transferred out of the warehouse to complete a series of actions, such as searching, transporting out and arriving at the station

recently, wangwenhong, director of the logistics center of Kunming Railway Group, introduced to China Railway Group that the overall investment of the automated three-dimensional warehouse was more than 20million yuan. Since it was officially put into operation last September, the original 15 warehouses have been reduced to one, which is not only more convenient and efficient, but also greatly saves human and material costs, and makes the logistics center a very important part of the whole production process

for example, he said that when automated three-dimensional warehouses were not used before, if some warehouses had been completely replaced by numerical controllers and computer software, and the quantity information records were incomplete, the output of a piece of goods needed to be looked for separately by staff, sometimes even delaying the production date of the products, causing huge economic losses to the company, Now we uniformly encode each cargo and the pallet under the cargo with 8 digits, which can improve the endurance mileage and enhance the safety of the battery technology. As long as you enter the code, you can quickly find the corresponding cargo

the automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of three-dimensional shelves, track stacker, in and out tray conveyor system, size detection bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system, wire and cable bridge distribution cabinet, tray, adjustment platform, steel structure platform and other auxiliary equipment

it was seen at the scene that as long as the staff searched the cargo location on the computer console in front of the automated three-dimensional warehouse - input the pallet number - spot check and ex warehouse, the automatic stacker in the three-dimensional shelf lane and the chain conveyor outside will gradually complete all the work with the instructions, and the whole process will not exceed 3 minutes

mazhijun, on-site staff of Kunming China Railway Logistics Center, and Professor huguorong, director of the Institute of light metals and industrial electrochemistry, School of metallurgy and environment, Nanjing University, pointed out that the entire three-dimensional warehouse has 6 lanes, 12 rows of shelves, 24 rows and 13 layers, with a total of 7488 cargo spaces. A set of inbound and outbound transportation system and a set of three-dimensional warehouse system are adopted. The inbound and outbound transportation system is designed with 4 inbound platforms, 4 picking platforms and 4 whole tray outbound platforms. The use of the three-dimensional warehouse in the logistics center has greatly improved the production efficiency and reduced the production cost. It has become a model for enterprises to accelerate the integration of industrialization and informatization

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