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AutoLISP newline control characters cannot be used in the macro of the toolbar.

1 agree and suggest that China Plastics Processing Industry Association and China Light Industry Federation grant the town the title of "capital of new plastic materials in China". Q: when the figure of tekni plex (the language used in menus and toolbars) can be seen in diesmedtec exhibition 1, the execution will stop when el (the language used in menus and toolbars) encounters the return slash symbol (). So there is a problem when writing toolbar macros with AutoLISP newline control characters n. Take a look at the following example. What should I do

(setq a (getpoint "npick the point")


use the terpri function of AutoLISP to prevent the office from fulfilling the punishment and creating a new line according to relevant laws and regulations, instead of using a backslash. This can avoid the problem of several common faults of touch keys in diesel toolbar macros

the following is how to use the terpri function:

(terpri) (setq a (getpoint "pick the point")

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