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Automatic detection instruments improve the level of "made in China"

it is well known that "made in China" has driven China's economic take-off. However, although products made in China are exported to all over the world, they cannot get rid of the label of "cheap goods are not beautiful". The quality of products made in China, especially in some high, precision and deep mechanical equipment fields, is still not the rival of traditional industrial powers. No matter in the field of cameras and automobiles for daily consumption, or in the field of engineering machinery and printing equipment for industrial production, there is still a long way to go to improve the quality of made in China

there are many reasons for the quality problems of made in China. For example, the core technology of made in China has gone too far. Should the approval authority be fully delegated? In this case, Chinese manufacturing technology is too dependent on foreign technology, and one of the things that deserves attention is that Chinese manufacturers use traditional manual inspection methods and procedures, which is also an important reason for low product quality. These reasons directly lead to the fact that made in China has become a processing plant in the international market. Although its output is large, it does not have the right to continue to load international pricing and product advantages, which has become a difficulty in the transformation from "made in China" to "made in China". It can be seen that the development of automatic rapid testing equipment will be a great help to promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry

we know that with the improvement of automation by manufacturers, the production line is becoming more personalized, and the instrument with single detection data is difficult to meet the needs of customers. As a result, customized detection has emerged and played a more and more important role in industrial production. The customized detector is a "non-standard test instrument". Compared with the similarity of standardized test equipment, the customized detector is a special customized instrument, tailored to the test object. It has advanced technology, complex structure and high integration, and its core components are generally high-end precision products

it is gratifying that China's automatic detection instrument industry has shown a trend of growing. The integration of modern computer, communication network technology and measurement technology has led to a major change in the traditional measurement instrument industry, resulting in the emergence of high-tech enterprises committed to new detection instruments. Beijing lingbang instrument is a national high-tech enterprise providing customized automatic testing equipment services. The company not only has strong strength in customized testing of national defense and military industry, but also has strong technical research and development advantages in automatic rapid testing of manufacturing industry. It has developed high-speed rail wheelset laser automatic testing machine, photovoltaic silicon wafer automatic testing machine, automobile valve Bearing automatic testing instruments and other rapid testing equipment have been put into use in the market

before the customized tester is delivered for use, the manufacturer will investigate the customer's industrial manufacturing equipment, fully tap the customer's needs and provide the most appropriate testing solutions. After the scheme is approved, the tester manufacturer will concentrate on R & D, produce the best customized tester and give it to customers for use. In this process, the manufacturer will establish a complete R & D document management system to ensure rapid response to customers' after-sales needs. Advanced automatic testing equipment enhances the accuracy and reliability of quality inspection, helps customers reduce the cost of quality inspection, gain greater profit space, and reduce the original cost of quality inspection to 1/2 or 2/3

example: bearing measurement is divided into dimension measurement, vibration measurement, surface measurement, friction torque measurement, etc. the traditional measurement method adopted by some enterprises is to purchase single parameter measuring instruments from the market to build the whole detection line. In this case, a testing line needs about 15 people, and the cost of quality control is very high. Lingbang adopts the virtual instrument innovation technology, which can establish an automatic detection line to concentrate the size, appearance, vibration and friction torque on one equipment. This is an optical, mechanical and electrical integration equipment. The advantage of the bearing automatic measuring machine developed by lingbang instrument company is that it is fully automated and does not need people, which greatly improves the efficiency, detection reliability and product quality

the company's newly developed high-speed rail wheel set laser measuring machine has the technical advantages of combining advanced laser technology and virtual instrument technology. Its principle is to use coordinate measurement at different points. It solves the parameters by scanning the surface of the wheel set by laser. Since April, the remarkable characteristics of this equipment are simple operation, especially reliable testing in production and high efficiency, Thus, the error rate of calipers and calipers detection and the instability of artificial detection are reduced

in the process of upgrading China's manufacturing industry, automatic detection equipment will certainly contribute. There will be a market only when there is demand. China's manufacturing industry is facing industrial upgrading. Quality and cost are the biggest problems in upgrading. Due to the individual differences of manufacturing production lines, there is a huge market space for customized automatic detection equipment. At the same time, the development of automatic detector industry will certainly enhance the reputation of "made in China", helping 5 Part of the friction resistance of the dynamometer helps "made in China" rank among the world's top products

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