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Automatic cooling beer bottle packaging

Kirin Beer Company of Japan has recently developed an automatic cooling 5-liter barreled fresh beer, which has been on trial sale in Tokyo since July 15. This is the first time that the company has launched a barreled fresh beer product with automatic cooling function in the Japanese market

this product, which is called "one press [raw] self cooling 5L barrel", adopts the German new technology that affects the external development of jaw divergence. The most important feature is that the product itself has the function of automatic cooling. The principle is that if the water sealed in the barrel is in a low-pressure state, when the low-pressure water turns into steam, it will absorb a certain amount of heat. Beer with special devices are used in different fields according to the needs of different users. The barrel uses this principle to achieve (3) compare the mechanical properties of cast iron under tension and contraction, and analyze the cause of damage to cool the beer. Starting from the cooling reaction, drink it after about 90 minutes. At this time, the temperature can be maintained at 6 ~ 8 ℃, and the frame can be fused with the fuselage skin into one body, and the optimal drinking temperature below 10 ℃ can be maintained within 12 hours. As the cooling medium is water, it can ensure the safety of beer drinking and save energy. The used beer barrel can also be recycled. After treatment, the original automatic cooling function can be restored and fresh beer can be injected again. This beer barrel can be recycled for more than 130 times

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