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The fully automatic filtration system ensures the stability of film quality

the price of film is not determined by the investment cost of production equipment, but mainly by the cost of raw materials (assuming that the extruder production line can be produced at full capacity). Therefore, the interruption of production will reduce the marginal profit of producers

besides the extruder, die head and air ring, the filtration system is increasingly important to the "armored guard" of products in the military field. The selection of filtration system is not only determined by more and more technological requirements, but also results in differences in economic benefits of production processes

discontinuous filter

when the user uses absolutely clean raw materials for production, in order to prevent the inevitable impurities in the materials from causing adverse effects on the downstream equipment, such as preventing the damage of the melt gear pump and the blocking of the die, resulting in long-term downtime, relatively rough filtering equipment is usually installed on the production line. The filtering effect of this kind of filtering equipment is poor, and the accuracy is generally greater than 300um

discontinuous filter

this kind of filter equipment is very rough. It can be replaced in any form until the production line is stopped or interrupted for other reasons

at present, there are several discontinuous filtration systems in practical production and application, and their principles are basically the same: there are two filtration stations on the sliding plate or piston, and the operator manually or through hydraulic transmission changes the filtration station of the sliding plate or piston. The above switching can only be carried out when the extrusion line stops or the material throughput decreases, otherwise the quality of the film will be affected or the film will be torn

discontinuous filter but the workbench is relatively large hsprimus

as the filter is a discontinuous operation mode, it is applicable to the production in which the time interval for replacing the filter is long. The replacement of the filter is usually implemented during the production plan shutdown or product change

the production cost can only be reduced by using some cheaper raw materials instead of brand-new materials

there is a so-called continuous double piston filter that seems to be more advanced than the above discontinuous filter. When this dual piston filter is used, the melt flow is divided into two streams, which enter two pistons respectively for filtration. When the filtration needs to be replaced, the melt flow is forced to enter only one piston. After replacing one filter, replace the other in the same way. In this way, theoretically, it is not necessary to stop the extruder when replacing the filter. However, when the filter is replaced, the melt flow is combined into one, resulting in a sharp increase in the system pressure; If the operation time is long, such as minutes, the temperature will rise due to the pressure rise, which will cause the melt to scorch. This kind of material often causes the film to be torn when it enters the melt flow, and makes the product quality change greatly. It can be seen that this filtering method is not really continuous, because it makes the product quality unstable

fully automatic and continuous process filtration system rsfgenius

the RSFgenius melt filtration system developed by German gneuss Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of constant pressure, continuous process and full automation. After years of production and practical application, it has been proved that the filtration system can effectively ensure the stability of film quality at a very high level, especially for high-quality films

rsf genius175 hydraulic power unit and control system

rsfgenius filter system is mainly composed of three parts - an input mold weight will be reduced by more than 1.5 compared with the steel ship, an output module and a filter disc rotating in it. The sealing between these three parts is realized through very small gap and very flat and hard surface

this structure ensures that all parts in contact with the melt will not be affected by the environment, such as oxidation

several filter rings are respectively fixed on the filter disc and follow the rotation of the filter disc through the melt flow channel. When the melt flows through the filter, the impurity particles are blocked here, making the pressure difference between the front and back of the filter system increase slightly. The control system will react to the increase of the pressure difference and make the filter disc rotate about 1 °. Therefore, the contaminated filter is continuously moved out of the melt channel, and the clean filter is continuously moved in. Based on this working mode, the pressure of the filter system is kept constant and the process is kept continuous during operation, while the maximum pressure difference change of the filter is 2bar

the cleaning of used filtration (the output results of dirty filtration test results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value and elongation) occurs just before it enters the melt channel, and the dirty cake on the filtration is cleaned again by a high-pressure reverse cleaning system. To achieve this purpose, a small part of the filtered clean melt enters the back washing piston at one end of the output module, and is ejected from the back of the filter by the hydraulic piston at bar high pressure to wash the dirt off the filter and discharge it from the lower part. The reverse cleaning pressure has been preset by Gnos and can be adjusted by users according to their actual conditions. Because the area of reverse cleaning is very small (about 1% of the whole filtering area), the effect of each reverse cleaning can be guaranteed and the required high-voltage pulse can be achieved. Through the hydraulic control system, the stroke (back washing material) and speed (back washing intensity) of the back washing piston can be adjusted freely, so the minimum amount of back washing material required can be optimized in practice. Under this working mode, the filter can actually be 100% cleaned and reused. According to the different filter fineness, the filter can be reused up to 200 times

rsfgenius filtration system is the main component of the filtration system.

in this way, the quality of the membrane can be ensured to be stable at the best level when the filtration system is performing filtration, cleaning, switching and even replacing filtration

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