Research and development of PLM system integration

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Goldwind technology introduced PLM system integration technology research and development

on September 26, Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. announced the introduction of the latest product lifecycle management system (PLM) of PTC company of the United States, and selected Beijing BiP Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. as a strategic service partner for R & D management consulting and the implementation of the system. The implementation of this system will more effectively integrate the global technology research and development platform of Goldwind technology, and help enterprises' technological innovation and product research and development

plm is a solution that enables enterprises to comprehensively optimize the management and evolution of products in a single environment throughout the product life cycle (from conceptual design to scrap)

Wu Kai, vice president and general manager of R & D system of Goldwind technology, introduced that the implementation of this system will significantly improve the R & D management level and efficiency of Goldwind technology, and play a positive role in further strengthening the company's technological innovation and product R & D strength. Goldwind technology has been committed to continuous technological innovation and product optimization through the fact that we must learn to deal with the above failures by ourselves, and integrate the world's most extensive high-quality resources, continuous improvement, to create high-quality and reliable unit products for customers, and strive to find and create maximum value for customers. Dr. Zeng Lingwei, CEO of BiP technology, said: Goldwind technology, as a respected leader in the wind power industry, has been paying great attention to continuous investment in research and development with the rapid development of its business for more than a decade. Energy manufacturing is a strategic industry that BiP technology focuses on. It is believed that through the close cooperation between the two sides, Goldwind technology will be able to significantly improve its R & D management ability and efficiency, and create another brilliance in the wind power equipment manufacturing industry! At present, Goldwind technology innovation and product research and development cover the design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance processes from parts to the whole machine. The company has more than 700 R & D technicians from different countries. As everyone knows, it has developed 600 kW, 750 kW, and the scope of use of material testing machines is no longer limited to metal and other fields. 1.2 MW, 1.5 MW, 2.5 MW, and 3 MW wind turbines, and wind turbines with greater power of 6 MW and above are being actively developed

Goldwind technology has been engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of wind turbines since 1998. In just 13 years, the company has achieved a technological and product leap that many international wind power giants have only completed for decades. It has independent intellectual property rights and its subsequent cost direct drive permanent magnet technology, which represents the most promising technical route in the current wind power industry, and has comprehensive advantages such as good reliability, high power generation efficiency, low operation cost and excellent performance. According to the report of a third-party authority, the power generation efficiency of direct drive permanent magnet units is more than 5% higher than that of traditional technology models with the same capacity, and the comprehensive maintenance cost is reduced by about 20%

at the beginning of 2011, due to the creative development of direct drive permanent magnet technology, the company was selected as the annual Top 50 most innovative enterprises in the world by MIT Technology Review Magazine. The average availability rate of the units whose products have been put into operation has reached more than 98%, which is significantly higher than the industry average level, and customer satisfaction has been continuously improved

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