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National sensor technology research and Technological Development

sensor technology research is a national key scientific and technological research project in the ninth five year plan. This paper describes the main achievements of sensor science and technology in solving the engineering of achievements, new product development and common key technologies, including technological innovation, pilot production and the technical level achieved. Through tackling key scientific and technological problems, the level of sensor technology in China has been improved and the development of sensor industry in China has been promoted

1. Introduction

on June 12, 2000, under the organization of the Ministry of science and technology, the national key scientific and technological research project of sensor technology was accepted. After listening to the project implementation self-assessment report of the project implementation team, the participating experts believed that the sensor technology research has successfully completed the key research objectives, assessment objectives and research contents specified in the national key research projects after three years of research. The total investment of this project is 66.4237 million yuan, and the state allocated 25million yuan. 468 scientific and technological personnel/year. (1) New parts have been damaged when removing (such as pump sealing gasket); Through three years of research, a total of 12 pilot production lines have been built, including 9 pilot production lines for engineering projects and 3 pilot production lines for new product development projects, so that 18 varieties and 75 specifications of new products can form a certain scale of pilot production; Through the development of new products, 51 varieties and 86 specifications of force sensitive, magnetic sensitive, temperature sensitive and moisture sensitive new products have been developed, and 90% of the results have been produced in batch or small batch and supplied to the market. The common key technologies of sensors include CAD technology, key manufacturing process, micro machining technology and reliability technology, which have been applied in production. The yield of key products has been generally increased by more than 10%, the reliability level has been improved by grades, and five sensor laboratories and test bases have been built; According to incomplete statistics, more than 12.6 million sensors of various types have been sold in the three years of tackling key problems, achieving a sales revenue of more than 144.18 million yuan, and 59 scientific research achievements have been made. The overall level has reached the advanced level of foreign countries in the mid-1990s. It has obtained 32 national patents (including 11 invention patents obtained and accepted), published 244 academic papers and research reports in various journals at home and abroad, and transferred 6 technologies, and achieved good results

the guiding ideology of the Ninth Five Year Plan sensor science and technology research is: one goal is to improve the technical level, reliability level and industrialization of sensors. The second change is to improve the technological progress of enterprises and to improve the market share. Three combinations are the combination of common key technologies and application technologies to speed up the industrialization process; Combination of typical product development and product serialization; Meet market needs; Scientific research and development should be combined with the engineering of achievements to achieve appropriate scale production

through tackling key problems, we have improved the technical level of sensors in China in terms of key manufacturing processes, new product development, and the engineering of scientific and technological achievements, promoted the formation of China's sensor industry, and narrowed the gap with the world's advanced level

2. In technology, we have achieved a number of achievements with independent intellectual property rights

through tackling key problems, we have made innovations in technology and achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, mainly:

(1) the mask mask free corrosion process invented by Fudan University is an international initiative. Not only the basic law of the appearance of [311] surface at the convex corner was obtained experimentally, but also the new bottom condition and the formula of the depth and position of the new bottom were deduced theoretically, creating a new process of fabricating microstructure with corrosion technology. Using the difference of corrosion rate of KOH etching solution for different crystal planes, the process of forming three-dimensional multi-layer micro mechanical structure by using one-time mask technology is solved theoretically and technologically. The layer difference control accuracy of multi-layer structure is within 4/m, and the flatness of transfer plane is better than 1/TM. An invention patent is accepted

(2) qingruo mixed 20 parts of high vinyl polybutylene rubber. HuaUniversity successfully developed a digital force and weight sensor based on the strain sensitive effect of quartz resonator. The relationship between the force sensing characteristics of the sensing element, the energy trapping effect of the resonator and the resonant frequency, harmonic number and structure is studied to ensure good frequency stability. A special adhesive is developed, which solves the key process affecting the creep and hysteresis performance of the sensor, and improves the performance index and qualification rate of the sensor. It is the first to develop a series of downstream application products at home and abroad, all kinds of quartz electronic weighing instruments. Obtained 6 utility model patents, 1 invention patent, and accepted 4 invention patents

(3) Harbin University of science and technology has successfully developed a new type of intrinsic semiconducting polymer pressure temperature two parameter sensor, and synthesized poly quinone radical polymer for the first time. This is a polymer material with extremely high pressure-sensitive coefficient and temperature coefficient. Its various test data are shown in Table 1. The sensor is made by surface processing technology, which solves the problem of temperature and pressure measurement of oil well high-temperature submersible pump. The search shows that the new intrinsic polymer pressure temperature dual parameter sensor is an international initiative and has accepted an invention patent

(4) Shenyang Institute of instrumentation technology has solved the self compensation process of temperature sensitivity of diffused silicon force sensitive chip for the first time in China. By adjusting the doping process parameters of the planar process, the sensitivity temperature drift of the force sensitive chip is controlled within 5% o in the full temperature range of -c, and the sensitivity temperature self compensation of the diffused silicon force sensitive chip is realized

after the shockproof pad iron is stressed

(5) Shenyang Institute of instrumentation technology has developed a high-sensitivity InSb film preparation process, which solves the grinding and polishing process of ferrite substrate with high density and high permeability, the evaporation process of in and Sb single substance, the micron thinning process of sensitive grinding layer and the doping process of improving chip sensitivity. The developed InSb film can fully meet the needs of preparing high-performance magnetic sensors. It has obtained two utility model patents and invention patents

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