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The application prospect of innovative engineering plastics in LED is promising.

Chen Zhaojun, an application engineer of Saudi Basic innovative plastics, said that glass has always firmly occupied the top position in the greatest need of optical materials, but because of the emergence of LED, the lighting industry has put forward higher requirements for the temperature resistance of optical materials. When it does not need to bear the function of phosphor, the function of engineering plastics is undoubtedly highlighted

Chen Zhaojun said that the public transmission system is an important part of the experimental machine. The company is in the lead in blow molding technology, and can ensure 96.5% light reflectivity in a 0.3 mm thickness. This is one of the very helpful factors in LED lighting design products

Saudi Arabia has led lighting research center, which can specially do temperature simulation, optical simulation and so on for customers. Especially in optical simulation, we have invested a lot of money and have special data and equipment to strive to achieve perfection and meet the light reflection requirements of LED lighting industry

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