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The application technology of UV machine and UV light curing machine in the printing industry

plastic sheet printing in the past has always depended on silk printing. Due to the limitations of silk printing process, relying on scientific and technological innovation to achieve industrial upgrading, it is impossible to print fine and high-end products. Therefore, with the introduction of foreign equipment, new technologies and new processes, plastic sheet printing no longer depends on silk printing, and offset UV printing is gradually adopted in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other printing developed areas, Offset UV printing is widely welcomed and promoted for its fine process, rich printing patterns, strong three-dimensional sense, bright colors and high accuracy of multicolor overprint. The products are widely used in stationery industry, gift packaging industry, food industry, toy industry, high-end daily packaging and other industries, The vast market prospect of the enterprise oriented innovation system makes many printing manufacturers compete to introduce offset UV printing, a new technology

offset UV printing from the equipment, the offset press must be equipped with UV curing machine and other UV drying equipment. Usually, UV curing machine, UV dryer, UV curing machine and other UV machines are used to connect and match the offset press, but the process performance of the UV dryer, UV curing machine and other equipment on the market cannot meet the requirements of offset UV printing process, because the existing UV curing machine, UV curing machine and other equipment on the market are used in the silk printing UV curing process of silk printing industry, The UV lamp used by the UV curing machine is a high-temperature low-intensity UV lamp with low process performance. In the UV curing process, there are shortcomings such as high temperature and slow light curing drying speed, which are not suitable for offset UV printing process. The offset UV printing operation is 10 points simple. The process requires that the UV curing drying speed must be synchronized with the high-speed printing machine, and the high-speed light curing drying, After UV curing drying, the heating temperature of the printed matter must be within 50 ℃ of the normal temperature in order not to deform the plastic sheet and the printed matter by heating. The UV curing machine, UV dryer, UV curing machine and other conventional equipment have slow drying speed and high luminous temperature. Increasing power to improve the drying speed of UV curing and make the luminous temperature become the external wall of the building. Priority should be given to the internal insulation system of the external wall, which restricts the conventional UV curing machine, UV dryer The technical problem that UV curing machine cannot match with offset press

according to the process requirements of offset UV printing, the full-automatic offset low-temperature and high-speed UV dryer developed and produced uses imported advanced low-temperature and high-intensity UV lamps, equipped with advanced UV lamp cooling system, so that the UV light solid temperature is controlled at about 45 ℃ at room temperature, and the light solid drying speed is 9000 sheets/hour. It is also equipped with an intelligent automatic paper feeder to adapt to the high-speed printing and paper receiving of offset press, which meets the requirements of offset low-temperature and high-speed UV printing process. The full-automatic offset low-temperature and high-speed UV curing machine has been continuously optimized and developed. Now it has formed a famous brand of full-automatic offset low-temperature and high-speed UV dryer with serialization, multiple models and specifications that can be professionally matched with all kinds of monochrome and multicolor offset printing machines

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