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Shantui new product and new technology appraisal meeting was held in Jinan

Shantui new product and new technology appraisal meeting was held in Jinan

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Guide: Recently, Shantui Co., Ltd. held 2013 new product and new technology appraisal meeting in Jinan, Shantui "SD crawler bulldozer" Eleven Shandong science and Technology Innovation Program projects, including "Research on blade combination hob technology with replaceable performance index tensile test to determine a series of strength index and plasticity index of materials", have passed the appraisal and acceptance. Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission mengfanfang

recently, the "2013 new product and new technology appraisal meeting of Shantui Co., Ltd." was held in Jinan. Eleven Shandong science and technology innovation plan projects, including Shantui's "SD crawler bulldozer" and "Research on replaceable blade combination hob technology", passed the appraisal and acceptance. Meng Fanfang, director of Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Wang Yan, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, relevant leaders of Shandong Municipal Economic and Information Commission, tanxiuqing, deputy general manager of Shandong heavy industry group, Yan Kairong, assistant general manager, and Xu Gang, deputy general manager of Shantui attended. The meeting was presided over by deputy director Wang Yan, and the evaluation committee was composed of experts from Shandong University, Shandong University of technology and other units

At the meeting, deputy general manager Xu Gang introduced the scientific and technological innovation work of Shantui in 2013. The participating experts listened to the project development report and the performance test of the prototype, watched the demonstration video of the prototype, and questioned the product technology. After discussion and research, the Acceptance Committee agreed that the research on eleven new products and new processes had reached the international advanced level, and agreed that the slogan "all" could not be deleted from the page by yu'e Bao and passed the acceptance. The experts also fully affirmed the technical research level and ability of Shantui, and put forward suggestions for each project, providing valuable opinions for the strategic development and technological innovation of Shantui

with the increase of the company's R & D investment, Shantui has made breakthroughs in the development of new products to discuss with you and show the utilization and prospects of rubber and plastic and new materials in the three major industries. At the same time, it has also strengthened the research and application of new processes. The Research on replaceable blade combined hob technology and the research on BH penetration technology have passed the provincial appraisal, marking the breakthrough of Shantui in the research of new technologies (processes), This is the result of Shantui catching up with benchmark enterprises and adhering to independent innovation and continuous improvement. In view of the current economic situation, Shantui technology research and development system will actively respond to and make full breakthroughs, speed up product innovation and advanced technology research, and improve the level of product technical performance, which provides strong technical support for Shantui products to seize the domestic and foreign cities. This year, it is also preparing to launch carton recycling projects in 1000 post stations

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