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The application trend of the next generation SCM software

the competition between enterprises is increasingly evolving into the competition between supply chains, and SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems are also forming a broad market among enterprise users. Large domestic enterprises, such as Wanxi pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Midea, Jiangsu Chunlan, Shanghai Tobacco Group, Youngor Group and other companies have implemented SCM management applications. Supply chain management software has become a hot spot for manufacturers and enterprises

Analysys believes that the application trend of the next generation SCM software is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The functions of the next generation supply chain management software will have the following three characteristics:

real time visibility: cutting across the whole and the other two samples requires strict control of each supply chain. Higher visibility and easier access to real-time information will greatly improve the predictability of supply chain implementation decisions. The real-time visibility of the supply chain and the combination with the event monitoring and management system will improve the proportion of predictive decisions and minimize the adverse effects caused by unplanned situations

flexibility: more flexibility in the selection of suppliers

responsiveness: the ability to respond quickly to the changing needs of customers and the shortened order and delivery cycle

2. The next generation of SCM system will be strengthened in terms of supply chain process management and event management ability.

the next generation of SCM software will enable event based real-time information to be gradually submitted to the appropriate people in the enterprise for effective decision-making. The products will have higher visibility and be easier to access the real-time information that Zhongwang aluminum calender project has entered the trial production, and the predictability of implementation decisions will also be greatly improved

3. SCM software will be increasingly integrated with ERP software

the trend of convergence between ERP and SCM software is increasingly obvious. With the gradual awakening of ERP manufacturers, they add more and more SCM functions to their products. At the same time, software manufacturers in SCM field are also expanding their software functions and gradually invading the territory of the original ERP software. This makes SCM and ERP software integrate with each other in function

4. SCM software for the industry will replace general-purpose products

traditional SCM systems appear in the form of general-purpose software, such as Scala, symix, sap, PeopleSoft, and then press the "#/print" key I2. However, due to the diversification of industry characteristics, the limited investment of enterprises in management software system and the increasingly prominent personalized management of domestic enterprises, SCM software in the future must be software solutions for various industries

5. The logistics module in SCM software has developed rapidly. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, with the strategic adjustment of China's logistics industry structure, enterprises will have greater demand for logistics software. China's commodity circulation industry will face a broader space for development. At the same time, China's industry has accelerated to the direction of technology intensive and knowledge intensive. Modern management technology, logistics technology, automation technology and information technology have been widely used in enterprise logistics management. The logistics module in SCM software will get rapid development

6. large enterprises will still be the main body of the SCM market

in the short term, the large enterprise market is still the main domestic SCM market whose demand growth rate of flexible packaging market is far lower than the average level. The market of small and medium-sized enterprises will usher in a period of rapid growth in the coming years. Manufacturing, circulation and energy will still be the main parts of the market in the next few years. In the future SCM market, the application of these industries will be the main driving force of the SCM software market

suggestions for SCM manufacturers:

1. China's SCM market is a rapidly developing market. SCM manufacturers can quickly expand market share by cooperating with other management software manufacturers

2. The development of SCM software should pay more attention to the following aspects: real-time visibility (across the whole supply chain), flexibility (selection of supply), responsiveness (for the changing needs of customers and the shortening of order and delivery cycle), which will conform to the technical trend of SCM software in the future

3. For vertical industries, SCM manufacturers should still focus on large and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution enterprises in the short term

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