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China's imports of p-xylene will increase year by year

as there are more than 4600 plastic production and sales enterprises in the town, the production capacity can not keep up with the demand growth, China is about to become the world's major exporter of p-xylene, which is mainly lack in the current medical device industry, and the import of p-xylene will increase year by year

most of p-xylene is used to produce terephthalic acid and dimethyl terephthalate. Since the 1990s, China's polyester industry has developed rapidly, driving the continuous increase of p-xylene production capacity and output. However, due to the large gap, a large number of imports are required every year. In recent years, with the rapid development of terephthalic acid production in China, the consumption of paraxylene has increased rapidly. In 2003, the apparent consumption exceeded 2million tons to 2.504 million tons, the highest level in history. The increase of 7% over 2000 is still 2.1% for you and me, and the average annual growth rate in the first three years of the tenth five year plan is as high as 19.8%

at present, most of paraxylene in China is used to manufacture terephthalic acid, and its consumption accounts for about 85% of the total consumption of paraxylene. In, China's new capacity of terephthalic acid was nearly 1.8 million tons, while that of paraxylene was only 450000 tons. By the end of 2003, the production capacity of terephthalic acid in China had reached 4.12 million tons, and the demand for p-xylene was 2.74 million tons, while the total production capacity of domestic p-xylene was only 2.36 million tons

according to customs statistics, China imported 274800 tons of paraxylene in 2002, accounting for about 16% of domestic consumption; In 2003, the import volume reached 1018600 tons, and the proportion of import/apparent consumption increased to 40.74%

it is predicted that the demand for p-xylene in terephthalic acid production in the near future may increase by more than 18% per year. In 2004, about 2.4 million tons of p-xylene will be required, and about 600000 tons of p-xylene will be required in other aspects. The total demand is about 3million tons. Although the output may exceed 1.8 million tons, it still cannot meet the demand

by 2006, China's paraxylene production capacity will increase by 1.205 million tons, reaching more than 3.5 million tons. However, according to the conservative estimation of terephthalic acid capacity growth, the domestic paraxylene supply gap will reach 1.6 million tons by then, and the net import volume will exceed 2.5 million tons by 2010. After 2005, China will become the main gap country of paraxylene in the world

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