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The importance and operation of stretching in silk screen printing

the so-called plate printing is a printing method that uses silk to make a printing plate. The graphics and text on the printing plate are composed of through holes, and the printing ink passes through the through holes of silk to form an imprint on the surface of the substrate, so as to complete the reproduction of graphics and text

taut. The process of tightening the silk on the frame. In mass production, we often use light aluminum frames that are not easy to deform, stable and durable, easy to use, and good resistance as frames. The frame size should be larger than the graphic part of the printing plate, at least cm larger on each side. The beginning and end of the scraper movement should be at least longer than the printing plate. The main functions of the experimental machine are to change the torque, the angle is displayed digitally, the angle measurement adopts the angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder), and the angular displacement of the torque sensor can be automatically corrected. HPM has also done a lot of work in the electronic and electrical industry. Welcome to consult. This machine also has peak maintenance, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing Data query and other functions, manual loading cm can be printed

in order to meet the needs of export products, we often use t yellow polyester silk imported from Japan or Germany in production. For particularly delicate prints, we often use 350t imported yellow silk, so as to better realize the gradation reproduction of patterns. UV light is used in plate printing when the plate is exposed. Blue purple is the mixed reflected light of green and magenta in the color, that is, there is no yellow hue in black. At the time of exposure, blue purple and silk yellow are superimposed into black. Therefore, if the surface of the yellow silk (i.e. the bottom of the emulsion layer) is not sensitive to light or less exposed, there will be no "back sun" phenomenon, and the resulting image has high definition and no halo. In order to save raw materials, we often use the positive stretching method when stretching. That is, the longitude and latitude lines of the silk are vertical or parallel to the frame edge. Tension is required to be appropriate, the thread direction is consistent, and the tension around and in the center is uniform and stable

the specific steps are as follows: first clamp the wire at an equal distance with a clamp, and then feed compressed air. When the pressure reaches 6kg, close the air valve to make the wire tension transfer evenly. In this way, tighten and relax, tighten and relax again, repeat twoorthree times, and after the wire is fully stretched, measure the tension around and in the center with a tensiometer to be uniform and stable. At this time, The contact part between the wire and the frame can be fixed with adhesive (usually acetic emulsion or epoxy resin adhesive). After drying, fix the excess wire around the other side of the frame to prevent the wire from loosening or falling off and increase the service life of the version

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