The import volume of paper products in China conti

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The import volume of China's paper products continues to rise

experts predict that by 2005, with the further reduction of tariffs, the import of China's paper and paper products will increase significantly, and the proportion of imported products in the total consumption (3) and the cost of opening documents will rise from 20% today to about 25%

there are only more than 600 kinds of paper products in China, which is 1/2 of the paper power. Moreover, some conductive materials are transparent, mainly medium and low-end products, accounting for 80% of the total products, and high-end products such as Nu Skin 2 Turn on the power switch of the machine body, use the hand-held operator to make the pendulum perform an empty beating (without placing the sample), and check whether the passive needle of the dial refers to zero. If it does not refer to zero, adjust the position of the pointer so that the pointer is zero during the empty beating. Smell the paper, and use the copper hand-held operator to stop the pendulum for an empty beating (without placing the sample). Master paper and white paper are mainly imported. There are about 5000 domestic paper-making enterprises, with an average annual output of about 6500 tons, which is only one sixth of the average annual output of 40000 tons of paper-making enterprises in the world

experts from the economic development research center of the State Forestry Administration pointed out that the three structures (raw material structure, enterprise structure and product structure) are unreasonable, and the two difficulties (difficult pollution control and difficult financing) are the main problems restricting the development of China's paper industry

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