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General safety technical measures for electric welding

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1. Special protective articles for electric welding must be prepared. Electric welders must wear insulating shoes, welders' leather gloves and welding masks (welding caps). Special glass mirrors should be used for electric welding masks. It is not allowed to remove the masks at will during construction to avoid eye injury

2. Electric welding operators must not be organized under normal temperature, and they must be trained specially and work with certificates. The operator must have basic electrician knowledge, be familiar with the principle of electric welding performance and master the treatment method of failure

3. The primary line of the electric welding machine shall not be more than 5 meters, and the head of the machine is equipped with a forming mold. The incoming line of the power supply must be set with a protective cover. The connecting parts of the welding machine should be fastened frequently to avoid loosening and damaging the equipment. The secondary line of the electric welding machine shall be waterproof rubber sheathed copper core flexible cable, the cable length shall not be greater than 30m, and shall not have the same strength as steel. Metal components or structural reinforcement shall be used to replace the ground wire of the secondary line

4. The switch box of electric welding machine is equipped with leakage protector, and the electric welding machine, welding workbench and other metal equipment should be equipped with reliable grounding wire. Before the electric welding machine is powered on, it is necessary to carefully check whether the wiring is firm and reliable, whether there is insulation damage, short circuit, poor contact and other phenomena, and whether the electric welding tongs are complete

5. The electric welding machine should be placed in a safe place that is easy to dissipate heat without ponding or water. At the same time, protective measures should be taken to prevent personnel from electric shock. It is strictly forbidden to engage in electric welding operations in the open air and in the rain

6. When the welding equipment is powered on, do not touch the conductive part

7. Prepare for insulation protection before trial welding. When working in a humid environment or in a metal container, rubber or other insulating gaskets must be laid

8. For electric welding in narrow environment and metal structures such as boiler containers, ventilation facilities must be provided, and two people are required to work in rotation, or a guardian is set to prevent danger

9. It is forbidden to weld in the room or site where inflammable and explosive substances are stored. When welding near inflammable substances, there must be a certain safety distance, generally greater than 10 meters

10. It is strictly forbidden to weld flammable liquids, flammable gases and containers with pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to weld live equipment and oxygen and gas pipelines. If it is really necessary to carry out hot work, it must go through the hot work procedures, take reliable measures, purge with nitrogen, and assign a special person to monitor. Hot work can be carried out only after confirming that there is no explosion risk

11. During electric welding, it is strictly forbidden to connect the ground wire of the electric welding machine with the gas and oxygen pipelines to prevent ignition and explosion; It is strictly prohibited to connect the ground wire with the steel wire rope and metal hose in use to prevent ignition, strand breakage and accidents

12. During electric welding, it is strictly forbidden to overlap the ground wire with the reference plane of the equipment to prevent ignition and affect the installation accuracy

13. The installation, movement, inspection and repair of electric welding equipment must be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply; When working, it is not allowed to coil the primary wire and secondary wire into a circle, and it is not allowed to press heavy objects on the electric welding machine cable

14. After the electric welding work is completed, the power supply must be cut off, the secondary line of the electric welding machine and the welding pad must be well placed, hung on the wall with a rainproof shed, and the work site must be cleaned so that people can remove the power and stop it

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