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General safety technical measures for hydraulic support maintenance

I. General Regulations are set in the factory inspection of finished vehicles

1. Personnel need to enter the chute to overhaul the support. When replacing parts, they must implement the relevant regulations of relevant personnel entering the chute in the operating procedures. It must be 10m away from the shearer drum. When the top of the working face is laid, it must be 15m away from the shearer drum. When it is lower than the above distance, it must remove the shearer drum clutch, disconnect the isolation handle, and at least 2m away from the shearer drum

2. Before entering the chute machine lane, the maintenance personnel must lock the working chute switch, and there must be a specially assigned person to take care of it. Find the way out in advance. Only when there is a specially assigned person to watch the help and top can they work

3. During maintenance, the lifting operation of each oil cylinder must be carried out slowly

4. The support oil cylinder, anti chip upper plate, push rod and other parts that need to be transported in and out of the working face must be placed stably. Anti collapse measures should be taken when they are placed vertically, and the replaced parts should be transported out of the working face to the designated recycling place in time

5. The replaced parts should be transported to the place first, and then the core can be removed for replacement

6. When overhauling the support at more than two places on the working face, at least one support shall be separated, and one person must be specially responsible for the coordination of stopping and delivering liquid

7. The maintenance personnel in the support are not allowed to move the operating valve and test the action of any part of the support without leaving to a safe place

8. Lifting and transporting objects must be in strict accordance with the "safety technical measures for lifting objects" and the "safety technical measures for transporting objects in the air inlet and return tunnels of the working face"

II. Maintenance of hydraulic circuit

1. The safety valve used in the support is strictly prohibited from being disassembled and adjusted underground. If it needs to be replaced, it should be replaced as a whole with the same safety valve that has passed the adjustment

2. When disassembling the high-pressure hose with pressure, safety valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, two-way lock and each oil cylinder, it should be carried out after the relevant hydraulic cylinder is unloaded

more than half (56%) of the packages have been recycled rather than burned

3. When replacing the main liquid supply and return pipeline, it should be carried out when the emulsion pump station stops supplying liquid

III. replace the support parts

1. Replace the anti chip upper cylinder

a. when replacing the anti chip upper cylinder, if the mining height is too high and it is difficult for personnel to disassemble, the frame can be lowered appropriately, but it should be carried out under the following conditions:

(1) the top plate is complete and there is no false top

(2) the support of the front and rear adjacent frames is intact

(3) when standing outside the chute and lowering the rack, people should do more tensile tests on the shoelaces before they leave the factory. We must lower the front column and less the rear column. After lowering to a proper height, we should use a crowbar to remove the debris on the front beam and top beam, and lower the anti chip upper plate to a position approximately perpendicular to the bottom plate

b. when the maintenance personnel enter the chute to remove the oil cylinder, all parts of the body should be within the cover of the front beam, and it is strictly prohibited to be between the support seams. After entering the chute, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the lifting operation of the support and the operation of pushing and pulling the chute within the range of 10 supports before and after the replacement point. Before punching the oil cylinder pin outward, the two ends of the oil cylinder should be hung on the support with 10 # iron wire to prevent the swing of the oil cylinder pin from hurting people. When punching the oil cylinder pin, personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the swing range of the oil cylinder after the pin is removed

c. before threading the oil cylinder pin, when it is necessary to adjust the alignment of the pin hole, the required fixture is 5 flowers and 8 doors. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to stretch their fingers into the pin hole to touch

d. more than three people should work together to replace the oil cylinder of the anti flaking collar

2. Replace the front beam slewing cylinder

a. before replacement, the slewing cylinder must be completely unloaded, and the anti chip upper plate must be set to a position approximately perpendicular to the bottom plate

b. disassemble the oil cylinder in accordance with the relevant regulations for disassembling the anti flaking upper oil cylinder

c. when replacing the push cylinder and push rod, it is not allowed to pull the rack and push-pull the slide within the range of ten supports before and after the replacement point. Special personnel shall be assigned to supervise

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