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The room area is limited, how to squeeze out space and reasonably arrange the cloakroom? We might as well try to ask ourselves three questions

the room area is limited, how to squeeze out space and reasonably layout the cloakroom? We might as well try to ask ourselves three questions

can I make a cloakroom at home

how to arrange my cloakroom reasonably

how to allocate reasonably in the cloakroom

next, bangyuan famous craftsman home customization center will answer for you one by one

(1) can my home be a cloakroom

if you want to know whether you are suitable for a cloakroom, you should consider the type and characteristics of the cloakroom

"cloakroom classification"

in terms of space, cloakrooms are divided into independent cloakrooms and open cloakrooms

"bangyuan famous craftsman's independent cloakroom"

it's easy to understand. The independent cloakroom is the kind of cloakroom with large wardrobe surrounded and spacious space in everyone's usual impression

advantages and disadvantages:

this cloakroom is very private. Girls who love beauty can choose clothes to try on at will and enjoy smelling beauty without worrying about the eyes of the other half

customer Xiaoying transformed the main bathroom of about 4 square meters into an independent cloakroom. But let's remind everyone that the main bathroom should pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. This link must be told to the decorator before the decoration, otherwise it will be late to customize the furniture later

the disadvantage of the freestanding cloakroom is that it occupies a large space, such as the house type with small area and few rooms, which is basically not considered

"bangyuan famous craftsman's open cloakroom"

the open cloakroom is an open, independent cloakroom connected to the main space (usually the bedroom). Therefore, even small houses can be built if they can make room for 3-4 ㎡

Xiao Zhang, a famous craftsman of bangyuan, can squeeze out a customized wardrobe next to the wall of the room, and the corner cloakroom can expand the capacity of the small room

Yangyang, a famous craftsman of bangyuan, uses the space on one side of the bedroom to integrate the overall wardrobe and dressing table

advantages and disadvantages:

because many wardrobes in open cloakrooms do not have cabinet doors (it is recommended to install cabinet doors like the above if possible), the vision and light will be relatively good

but the privacy is not strong. If you want to stink in the fitting mirror for a few times, you should take into account the eyes of others and pay attention to dust prevention

(2) how should my cloakroom be reasonably arranged

the modeling layout of different cloakrooms is suitable for different house types. According to the shape, the cloakroom is divided into double one cloakroom, L-shaped cloakroom and U-shaped cloakroom

"bangyuan famous craftsman double one shaped cloakroom"

double one shaped cloakroom is actually a combination of two one shaped wardrobe; Or it is possible to have a line shaped wardrobe on one side and a dresser on the other; This kind of overall wardrobe customization is suitable for narrow and long aisles, corridors, entry and other spaces

"bangyuan famous craftsman's L-shaped cloakroom"

due to the limitation of doors and windows, some small and rectangular spaces can only use two walls to make customized wardrobe design, so L-shaped cloakroom is more suitable

"bangyuan famous craftsman's U-shaped cloakroom"

the U-shaped cloakroom is suitable for a large square space, which can make better use of the space to make a reasonable customized wardrobe design. The following bangyuan famous craftsman's customer Xinxin's cloakroom is a model

when considering the layout, it should be noted that some stores will ask you to make the cabinets as large and full as possible on the grounds of storage and expansion. But the cloakroom is not the bigger the better, because in addition to the storage space, you have to leave enough fitting space and consider the lighting effect

(3) how to allocate reasonably in the cloakroom

the internal distribution of the cloakroom mainly refers to the structural design of the whole customized wardrobe part. Of course, some families' cloakrooms also include dressers, shoe changing stools, Nakajima cabinets and other combinations, which will not be discussed in detail here

"function area"

usually, the interior of the cloakroom can be divided into long and short hanging area, folding area and accessories area. When designing the internal structure of your cloakroom, first consider the needs of family members, and then allocate the size of the functional area

"functional accessories"

in addition to the separation of laminates and side plates, functional accessories are also used for auxiliary purposes, such as storage box, pants rack, lattice rack, fitting mirror. Personally, I think it is very necessary, while basket, shoe rack, etc. can be selected on demand

this is the combination of cloakroom tailored by famous designers of bangyuan for lovely customers. Do you feel satisfied





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