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Different colors will bring people different moods, so many people will decorate colors according to their preferences, but they don't know that different colors will also bring different Feng Shui auras. When choosing colors for decoration, we must pay attention to Feng Shui; So what are the Feng Shui instructions for office decoration colors? The following is the thought article compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

office decoration color Feng Shui instructions

office decoration color Feng Shui instructions

purple - if there is more purple paint in the office, although there is a beautiful tradition of purple smell, the red series in purple will virtually give off a dazzling color sense

yellow - if there is too much yellow paint in the office, it will give people a feeling of melancholy and restlessness, and may also affect people's brain nerve consciousness, making it full of multi-layer hallucinations

green - most people have always accepted that their eyes should see more green, but in fact, the green here refers to the green of nature, not the green made by man! If there is more green paint in the office, it will make the office staff depressed, and the interior is lifeless and lifeless

dark blue - if all offices adopt dark blue, the office will be invisible and gloomy for a long time, which will promote employees to have negative emotions

how to pay attention to color matching in office decoration? You can choose some of these styles:

(1) fresh and natural color matching

lime yellow, lime green, Campanula and green apple green, soft and pink coordinated color combination, just like the first light in the morning, through the window into the house, fresh, clean and refreshing. A small room with insufficient light or a small space with exquisite routes are very suitable, so that the office is like walking in the forest every day

(2) tranquil color matching

the field color with gray tone makes the space convey an unspeakable soft and sweet feeling. When you are in it, you can only say that such an office is so peaceful without pressure. The work area is especially suitable for such colors, with the effect of soothing emotions and calming spirit

notes on the collocation of office decoration colors

(1) stress on the overall style

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 the next page. Different office institutions and departments have requirements on the overall style. For research institutions, it is best to use elegant colors; For the planning department, which requires active thinking and frequent discussion of staff, bright, bright and jumping colors can be used as embellishments to stimulate the imagination of staff. In general, light colors can make people nervous and highlight the emptiness of the office. Light blue and light green are good colors for the wall of the office. On the other hand, the shade of the office, even without windows, will make people feel very cold. Brick red, Indian red, orange and other colors can make people feel warm

(2) stress on office furniture

modern office furniture has about five colors: black, gray, brown, dark red, and plain blue. Usually, gray is used for desk; Black and Brown are used for boss chairs and tables and chairs in the reception room; Plain blue and dark red are mostly used for office chairs

in the office, each color has its own language, which will convey certain psychological information to people. For example, black atmosphere is solemn; Brown, noble and elegant; Blue is elegant and bright; Red warm wave, etc; And different color collocations can develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, giving unexpected results. For example, this white earth yellow is too simple and clean, and it will appear elegant if combined with the cheerful warm color; Light purple with sky blue gives people a quiet feeling; Magenta with royal blue makes people feel bright, while maozi with moon white looks elegant; Pink and white convey youth; Light grey with black looks solemn; Vermilion with black is particularly eye-catching; Dark green and earthy yellow are the most natural; Sea blue with light blue makes people feel secure; Bright yellow with black gives people the beauty of jumping and so on. (Feng Shui)

explanation of Feng Shui instructions on office decoration color

I. office color Feng Shui pays attention to

the determination of the main tone of office decoration is based on the five elements of the eight character of the house owner's birthday, which at least cannot use the five elements of the eight character of the house owner's birthday, for example, if the house owner's eight character and five element are water repellent, it is not suitable to use blue as the main tone. Because the taboo color is the enemy that the house owner hit. Sitting in it is like being in the enemy's line, and the consequences can be imagined

II. Office color Feng Shui taboo

color should not appear red and black in the office. Chinese people think that red is very festive and will have a sense of good luck. However, if there is too much red in the office, it will inevitably affect people's spirit and work efficiency. Black is heavy, which is very detrimental to the choice of Feng Shui and will suppress people's character for a long time. It is suggested to choose white snake and bright color

III. favorable choice of office color Feng Shui

color can also be determined according to the fate of the owner. For example, the preferred orientation of "Yang Ming Huo Xiang Ren" is southwest, and the preferred color is yellow. In the choice of office color, yellow can be used as the main color, which is conducive to prosperity, career luck can be improved, there will be signs of promotion and salary increase, and improve the work efficiency of office people

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the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, and kitchen Feng Shui is also the key to affecting the whole home feng shui. Here are ten kitchen Feng Shui taboos to popularize. Don't make them if you are optimistic

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 1: the kitchen door is facing the door. This space is easy to form a hall evil, which is the most serious one of the hall evil. Kitchen door to back door, family money inexplicably spend will be very serious. It will also damage the health of women in the family

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 2: the kitchen door cannot be directly opposite the bedroom door, otherwise it is easy to cause the residents to be dizzy and grumpy

kitchen Feng Shui three taboos: the kitchen, as the source of large and small stomachs, must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire, and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to family unrest

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 4: the kitchen and toilet are the same door, and the water and fire are excessive, which is very unlucky; In addition, if you go to the toilet first and then enter the kitchen, your appetite will be affected

kitchen Feng Shui five taboos: when the kitchen floor is higher than the floor of the hall, room and other floors, the sewage is easy to flow back; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Once again, when serving food from the kitchen into the hall, it should be promoted step by step, otherwise there is a risk of returning money

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 6: the balcony is the protruding thing of the whole building, and it has no grounding gas. Many people want to use the balcony as a kitchen, but it will infect the clothes that are drying

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 7: the stove in the kitchen cannot be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth accumulation. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members' health problems

eight taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: all places that often go in and out and operate should not be under pressure, especially the stove as a platform for food production

kitchen Feng Shui taboo 9: there are two biggest problems with opening windows behind gas stoves: first, the energy is not concentrated. When there is no solid wall to block, the influence of the wind will make the fire source decentralized and waste resources; Second, the incomplete combustion of gas will affect the indoor air. In addition, there is the saying of losing money and bad luck

ten taboos of kitchen Feng Shui: the kitchen owner should rely on his family health, marriage and fame. Don't be vain behind it. You must rely on solid walls. Glass walls are inappropriate

how to crack the kitchen door facing the door in kitchen Feng Shui:

kitchen Feng Shui crack method 1: the best way is to change the door and modify the position of the kitchen door to avoid the kitchen door facing the door

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