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with the development of social economy, many people's lifestyle and economic concept also began to change. From the previous want to have a fixed job and a fixed income, gradually changed to today's want to start their own business, with a free income and life, many people want to start a business, so what kind of project is suitable for opening a business? Today, I would like to introduce to you the small projects suitable for starting a business and the estimation of the cost of starting a business.

small projects suitable for starting a business - nail beauty salons

there is an undeniable fact in this world that women have a heart for beauty. Where is beauty embodied? It is not only the beauty of the soul, but also the beauty of the appearance to improve their temperament and image and give a good impression. Nails are no exception, and even children like to make their hands look better, not to mention some young people and beautiful girls

suitable for small business projects - Pet Photo Gallery

pets have now entered thousands of households. To some extent, they are also a "family member", and people pay more and more attention to them. In many first tier cities, even the services of cats and dogs are becoming more and more segmented. Taking photos of pets is an example. To open a pet photo gallery, it is recommended to choose the store near the park, downtown or pet hospital for "borrowing". The pavement can be large or small, and there will be no problem if it is more than 20 square meters

suitable for small business projects -- opening a flower gift shop

I believe many people should give something to their friends on their birthdays? The cost of hand ornaments is generally not high, depending on whether you can get cheap goods. Ornaments must be fashionable and novel, and it is best to have a beautiful package. In this way, you can sell higher and make more profits But don't press too much. There are a wide range of small gifts for customers to choose from, and there are all kinds of things. This small independent entrepreneurship project can make your gifts more special and attentive

suitable for small projects of opening stores and starting businesses ― selling mobile phone accessories

selling mobile phone accessories and making mobile phone stickers. Mobile phones are now a necessity for some people. The investment is small, and the profit is crucial. Now there are many people engaged in this industry, so we should concentrate on doing it. There are different places, whether it is products or sales methods

the above is the small project of opening a store and entrepreneurship introduced by Xiaobian, so what is the cost of opening a store? Next, let's look at the cost estimation of small business projects

I. the cost of the project itself

here refers to the direct cost paid to the selected project. For example, you need to teach a certain technology face-to-face or by correspondence, purchase a certain machine and equipment, and join in a certain project. If you go directly to the project party for examination, you also need to include your travel expenses

II. Purchase costs of operating equipment, tools, etc

mainly refers to the auxiliary equipment and tools required by the project in the business process. For example, after learning Chinese meatballs, you also need to add freezers, pots, gas and other auxiliary tools; For the processing of foamed plastic particles, after buying back the machine, it is also necessary to consider the allocation of motors to solve the production of power and electricity

III. rent, house decoration expenses and working capital

when estimating these expenses, it should be calculated according to the local market conditions. Generally, the rent should be included in the cost of at least three months, because now the rent is paid at least once a quarter, and some are paid half a year or once a year. The cost of house decoration depends on its project. If it is a restaurant, it should be decorated according to the regulations of the local health and epidemic prevention department, otherwise it cannot pass, and it is difficult to obtain a business license. For the decoration of franchise stores, if it is the distribution of products, the cost will be included in the container window. Working capital shall be calculated according to specific conditions

IV. business license and other similar fees

there is no requirement for the registered capital in the individual business license, and the cost of production is about 25-50 yuan. If you apply for the company, you need the registered capital according to the provisions of the company law (after the company is registered, the capital can be freely disposable), and the registered capital required for the registration of an individual company varies according to the size, with a minimum of 30000 yuan. In addition, there are tax registration costs, industrial and commercial administration fees, etc

v. funds required for business turnover

to run a project, it is necessary to prepare operating working capital that can pay for at least three or four months, including personnel wages, utilities, telephone charges, material costs, advertising costs, maintenance costs, etc. if there is a loan repaid by installments, it should also be included. During the initial operation of a project, it needs to go through a market cultivation period of at least three months. During these three months, there may be little or no water at all, and there will be a loss. Therefore, sufficient capital preparation must be made in advance

according to this algorithm, if you want to open a shop and do business, including the cost of the early-stage project itself, equipment costs, housing decoration costs and other working capital, as well as the funds required for business turnover, you should prepare about 100000 yuan. Looking at the high cost, it is even more difficult to do business. Without experience and sufficient funds, you can't complete your entrepreneurial dream. Don't worry, today Xiaobian will grandly launch a small-cost entrepreneurial project for you, Please look forward to

there is no need to open a shop and start a small business project - yunpin wall view (yunpin wall view franchise hotline: 0317-8583200/13131752503 wechat synchronization)

now with the substantial increase in demand for home decoration, wall decoration has become a decorative part that people pay attention to. Creative wall painting is still a small high-end art for consumers in most regions, and the market is very blank

cloud taster is a kind of technology that uses tools to paint on the wall. Compared with time-consuming and laborious hand painting, it can complete a whole wall in 2-4 hours, which can be operated by ordinary people. The performance of 10-year color fastness exceeds the quality of wallpaper, and simple and fast construction replaces hand painting, ”There is no need to open a store. "The advantages of store marketing have been sought after by entrepreneurs," 0 franchise fee without agency fee "can act as an agent to solve the financial worries of entrepreneurs," free training on construction technology "What are you waiting for to make it easier for inexperienced and groundless people to start a business? If you feel that opening a store yourself is too risky and you don't know how to operate, the headquarters will support you all the way. Come and join us.

What are you doing to start your own business? The above projects should be enough for everyone to choose. Demand determines the project. Looking for projects, entrepreneurs need to start from the actual needs of consumers and provide the products and services they need, In this way, making money is inevitable




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