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During the 115th Canton Fair, Yihe door, as the leading brand in China's door and window industry, made a stunning debut in the spotlight and was enthusiastically pursued by the international market

from April 15 to 19, on the occasion of the 115th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair"), Yihe door, as the leading brand in China's door and window industry, made a stunning debut in the spotlight and was enthusiastically pursued by the international market. During the exhibition, the exhibition hall of Yihe door industry was always full of people

Yihe door industry exhibition hall is full of new lineups, and Yihe creates an unparalleled door industry feast

this exhibition, Yihe door industry is located in hall 10.2, block B, booth 27-28. The design is mainly Chinese classical, while highlighting the characteristics of simple style, classic and elegant. With fresh and soft light, it shows the personality taste of products, both simple and fashionable luxury, It also highlights traditional oriental culture and classical furniture decoration technology

as the largest trade exhibition in China and even in Asia, the Canton Fair is regarded as a weathervane for exports. Just observe the flow of people and the signing status during the exhibition period in just a few days, you can predict the cold and warm of the industry's foreign trade, and many enterprises engaged in foreign trade will participate

on site exchange with foreign businessmen

the exhibition hall of Yihe door industry has always been crowded for two days. In the face of Yihe's comprehensive product line, foreign businessmen have expressed their admiration, and they don't want to give up this opportunity to buy. Mr. Smith, who has been doing business in Dubai for many years, said that now there are many enterprises in the door industry, and it is difficult to find the desired products. But this time, Yihe door industry moved me. Its rich product lines complied with the needs of different types of consumers for doors. This time, the chairman of Yihe door industry personally came to the scene to receive VIPs. It can be seen that their enterprises attach importance to customers. It is their sincerity and professionalism that made me finally choose them

on the second day of the exhibition, Yihe door industry successfully signed 8 orders in just four hours. By the next day, Yihe had signed more than 20 orders, with sales of more than 38 million. Among them, an Indian customer reached 20million orders on site, once again witnessing the strong brand strength of Yihe door industry in the industry

with a strong industry brand, a strong exhibition lineup, high-standard exhibition services, and the 2014 China Import and export commodities fair, Yihe door industry is domineering

chairman Zeng Kui personally received customers

accumulated a lot and created China's top door brand

the 115th Canton Fair. With the careful preparation of Yihe door industry in the early stage, strong brand promotion and enthusiastic service, the sales results of breaking through 8 orders in just four hours are exciting. We firmly believe that the Canton Fair is only the first step for us to enter the international market, and Yihe will continue to accumulate a lot in the future, Write the magnificent spirit of the big pattern with great skill, and move forward towards the grand vision of creating China's top door brand

Indian customers visited the factory and were personally received by Chairman Zeng Kui





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