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In June, 2015, yadis and huafangzhou wood industry group reached a strategic partnership! Yadis once again introduced "formaldehyde free original particle board" to provide customers with high-end, high-quality, environmental friendly and green one-stop furniture customization services

formaldehyde exceeding the standard is not a new topic, but it is like a piece of dog skin plaster that can't be thrown away and a difficult and complicated disease that can't be cured repeatedly, which haunts our lives. Whether it is the recent collective formaldehyde poisoning incident of kindergarten children in Nanchang, or the supervision and spot check results of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality supervision not long ago, consumers are reminded that home decoration should not only look at face, but also pay attention to "lining", and should not patronize beauty and ignore health. Especially for the decoration of children's rooms, kindergartens, parent-child houses and other places, it is particularly important to choose materials carefully, because children spend 70% of their time indoors, their body resistance is weak, their immune system is not fully developed, and they are more vulnerable to formaldehyde. At present, in kindergartens, middle schools, office buildings, children's furniture and other public areas sensitive to health, the application scope of "zero formaldehyde emission" board is gradually extending, which reflects people's pursuit of high-quality products and quality of life, and will also lead the new development of household board industry

in June 2015, following the official use of the third phase of the 80 mu production base, yadis reached a strategic partnership with huafangzhou wood industry group! Yadis once again introduced "formaldehyde free original particle board" to provide customers with high-end, high-quality, environmental friendly and green one-stop furniture customization services

"create a green life for users" is the production concept of huafangzhou wood industry group, and it is the brand tenet that yadis brand has adhered to for a long time. As a leading enterprise in the customized furniture industry, yadis is well aware of the importance of environmental protection and healthy home environment to users, and has always adhered to the brand tenet of "innovation everywhere, quality everywhere, environmental protection everywhere, service everywhere", and strives to provide users with environmental protection, health, high-end, fashionable and stylized home life

yadis has been actively promoting the international concept of environmental protection, taking the lead in the industry in selecting environmentally friendly E0 grade plates that are increasingly popular in European and American countries. Through the ultra-low methanol release of furniture, we can achieve low-carbon environmental protection performance, so that the internal and external quality of furniture in the whole room can reach the highest level, so as to create healthier, environmental friendly, durable high-quality products for consumers, as well as more assured home enjoyment. This time, yadis and huafangzhou wood industry jointly launched the "formaldehyde free original particle board". It will work together for the majority of consumers to create the world's highest environmental protection, green, zero formaldehyde customized furniture products, and create a pure and healthy home life for users

huafangzhou wood industry group is a leading group company specializing in the production of household boards in China. Its existing products cover log particle boards, fiberboards, plywood, blockboard and decorative panels. It has the core technology of high-strength zero formaldehyde release boards and has been committed to the research, development and production of zero formaldehyde release household boards, It uses the latest American Huntsman formaldehyde free MDI as the main material of the adhesive (MDI scientific name isocyanate, is an ecological adhesive, which does not contain any formaldehyde, and can be used to make artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liner materials, etc., which is very safe for human body). It has the advantages of high structural strength, zero formaldehyde release, moisture and insect resistance, no edge collapse during sawing, easy processing, etc., and its physical properties are better than straw board




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