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Injection molded products in North America are expected to reach 9.4 billion pounds in 2007

in recent years, at the same time, the movement of this segment has been preserved. With the rapid development of packaging industry in North America, injection processing plastic packaging enterprises in North America are optimistic about the business situation in 2007. The total output of injection plastic packaging products in North America in 2004 reached 7.4 billion pounds, accounting for 35% of the consumption of injection processing resin in the region. It is estimated that by 2007, its production will reach 9.4 billion pounds

these products mainly include: fast food packaging containers. He pointed out that the expansion of surface defects and the degradation of fiber matrix interface lead to the decline of impact performance, traditional bulk convenience food packaging, bottle stopper, bottle cap, sealing gasket, outer bottle cap, parison products, packaging and measuring containers, plastic cans, medicine bottles, cosmetics and personal care products packaging

information source: China packaging

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