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Non toxic plastic heat stabilizer comes out

when the new Max phase in Shandong Province is deformed, it will twist and layer. T-818 ester based tin developed by Taishi Liming plastic additives Co., Ltd. is a non-toxic plastic heat stabilizer. Its main performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, some of which are superior to similar foreign products. It can replace imported products and has the advantage of low cost. The product is synthesized by new process with mercapto ester and tin chloride as raw materials. It is suitable for various molding methods such as calendering, blow molding, injection and extrusion of haloethylene resin, especially high-grade PVC products. This process should not be confused with laser additive manufacturing, such as the processing of hard transparent tubes, sheets, food packaging materials, medical equipment, films and other products. The product has outstanding early colouring inhibition performance and long-term thermal stability performance of PVC, high precision, good rheological property, high chemical stability, not easy to precipitate and non-toxic during processing. It can be directly used as food packaging materials, and has good synergistic effect with calcium and zinc

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