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Nordic chemical and Henkel Ag jointly launched a 100%pcr packaging solution

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core tip: Austrian polyolefin supplier secondly, from the supply side, Nordic chemical (Borealis Ag) has closely cooperated with German chemical consumer goods giant Henkel AG to launch a new packaging solution, Completely made of recycled plastic (PCR) material

[China Packaging News] Borealis AG, an Austrian polyolefin supplier, has worked closely with Henkel AG, a German chemical consumer goods giant, to launch a new packaging solution, which is completely made of recycled plastic (PCR) materials

Nordic chemical said in a statement on June 28 that the key material used in the bottle was purpelen PE, a high-quality polyethylene particle produced by its subsidiary MTM plastics

Nordic chemical and Henkel have jointly launched a 100%pcr packaging solution

Nordic chemical said that its new packaging solution for patex products has invested 60million yuan in a new factory for incremental manufacturing materials and processing process, and has successfully passed a wide range of application tests, including three-month storage tests and other mechanical performance tests

the product was launched in the European market in 2018

the bottle body is manufactured by KKT kaller Kunststoff Technik GmbH, a German plastic processing enterprise

the nozzle shall be timely tightened by BoMo trendline, a German plastic component manufacturer; Produced by Technik GmbH

g ü nter Stephan, head of Borealis circular economy solutions, said that despite the current momentum of plastic recycling, the industry still needs to prove that using recycled plastics is a suitable and effective choice

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