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Non halogen flame retardant PBT plastic

chemical industry (Japan) report: Toray Corporation of Japan launched the world's first commercialized non halogen highly flame retardant PBT plastic. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, there is an increasing demand for environmental friendly resins that do not contain halogen flame retardants in electrical and electronic fields. Toray first introduced non halogen flame retardant plastics using red phosphorus flame retardants. However, gbt17104 (1) 997 metal tube ring tensile test method, red phosphorus flame retardant plastics can not be colored except black, so they can not meet the demand for colorization; Generally, non red phosphorus is a kind of flame retardant, which has little flame retardant effect and needs to be added in large quantities, which will often damage the original mechanical properties of the plastic, and the flame retardant will seep out on the plastic surface, making the moisture and heat resistance of PBT worse. The results of the previous day can continue to be tested after starting the machine on the second day of high temperature and high humidity! The service life will be reduced under the temperature of 40 ℃, so it has no practical value

moreover, under the requirements of small size and thin type, the distance between terminals becomes shorter, and there is a higher voltage according to the data. Therefore, manufacturers urgently demand materials that will not cause short circuit and spark. Using the molecular design technology of flame retardant and flame retardant additives, Toray has successfully used a small amount of flame retardant to achieve an effective flame retardant PBT plastic with carbonization only on the surface coating during combustion. The flame retardant used does not contain halogen or red phosphorus flame retardant, and has high flame retardant and tracking resistance. It can color plastics. It is difficult in environmental treatment, with low specific gravity, good fluidity, maintaining the original characteristics of the plastic without short circuit New products with moisture resistance problems

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