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Pharmaceutical paper bucket enterprises enhance their competitiveness (Part 2)

paper bucket product quality and domestic and foreign standards

with the deepening of China's opening-up policy, more goods are exported overseas. As an outer packaging, paper buckets also drift across the sea with goods to realize their own value. However, in the process of transportation, there is also the leakage of paper barrels, which is the most serious quality problem of paper barrels, and must cause the height of the enterprise. The leakage of the paper barrel is mainly caused by the heavy load and large deformation of the paper barrel itself during use or handling, resulting in the separation of the barrel body from the barrel bottom, which is mainly manifested in the separation of the bottom of the paper barrel from the joint of plywood or paperboard, resulting in the leakage of items. The main reason is that there are still some problems in the production process, which makes the share of plastic packaging in the market increase correspondingly. One is the problem of materials. The plywood used has an impact on the product quality, because when the bottom cover of the paper barrel is made of plywood, the thickness of the plywood selected is uneven, and most of the thickness does not meet the requirements

in addition, the bonding strength between plywood layers is low, and it is easy to gather with barrels in Nanjing. However, at present, most of them have not been industrialized on a large scale, or some plastics with small production range and relatively narrow use can be separated. The dimensional tolerance of plywood cutting is not accurate. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials, plywood materials that meet the standard should be selected, and the cutting size should be strictly controlled within the tolerance range, and quality monitoring should be carried out. The thickness of plywood shall be determined according to the maximum weight of the contents of the paper bucket. When the weight of the contents of the paper bucket is about 50kg, the thickness of the plywood shall not be less than 6mm. The second is the problem of paper barrel production. 1. The load error exceeds ± 1.0% or the equipment is unstable. The connection between the barrel body and the bottom of the barrel in the production process of the barrel mainly depends on the forming process of the bottom seal, so the operation of the equipment forming the bottom seal will affect the overall quality of the barrel. For the operation of the equipment, the size changes of each part of the bottom seal mold should be often checked, because when the mold is closing the bottom of the barrel, the vertical plane of the lock ring mold is easy to deviate, resulting in the uneven combination of the bottom of the barrel, This will affect the coincidence between the barrel bottom and the barrel body

the overall quality of paper barrels should also be objectively measured from the application of national standards and implementation standards. Adopting international standards and foreign advanced standards is the technical and economic policy of China's heavy industry and the most effective and economical way of technology introduction. In order to promote the development of paper barrel industry, improve product quality and make the standard level of paper barrel reach the international advanced level, the national standards should meet the international similar standards. In the 1990s, China formulated the national standard gb/t14187 for paper barrels of packaging containers, which absorbed the advanced standards of foreign similar products for paper barrel products, such as the former Soviet Union standard toct13479 "general technical conditions for composite cardboard", and the West German standard din641t1 "packaging materials, fiberboard cover barrels, weather resistant steel bottoms and covers"

the above standards mainly focus on specifications, dimensions and requirements for raw materials, but the Soviet Union toct13479 also has performance requirements. However, the products in the standard may be due to their small volume, low strength, falling height of only 200 mm, and the maximum compressive strength of only 1570n. Only the products in the British standard bs1596 "technical specification for fiberboard drums for overseas freight" are closer to our products in terms of structure and capacity. Therefore, the formulation of China's standards mainly refers to the bs1596 standard. According to experts, the manufacturing equipment and technology of fiberboard barrels in Britain today are relatively advanced, and the product quality is relatively good. In order to make the standard level advanced and reasonable, conform to China's national conditions, and meet the use requirements of all aspects, China has appropriately graded the product quality. The index of grade I paper bucket in the national standard is basically consistent with the British standard bs1596, and basically reaches the standard level of international paper bucket

in the national standard of packaging container paper bucket, the stacking performance and drop performance test can best reflect the quality characteristics of paper bucket. The selected weight of stacking load capacity is 4900n, which is equivalent to the index of British bs1596. The quality performance test method of paper bucket is: place the sample of paper bucket on the stacking ground, place the load plate on the stacking ground, and place the load plate in the center of the top surface of the sample, Then, without causing impact, place the weight on the load plate to make it contact the load plate evenly. The error between the total weight of the weight and the load plate and the specified value should be controlled within plus or minus 2%

the stacking load is 4900n, and the 24-hour non leakage, non cracking and permanent deformation shall not affect the stacking capacity of the paper barrel. The stacking test is to simulate the stacking of paper drum packages in the actual storage process. Transportation and stacking requires 3 samples to be stacked with a stacking height of 3 meters. The drop height and method of the drop performance test of the paper bucket adopt the provisions of British bs1596. First, the paper bucket samples are pretreated with temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity are 20 ± 2 ℃, and the humidity (65 ± 5%) for 48 hours. The bucket is filled with dry sand and sawdust mixture to reach 95% of the specified maximum holding mass and volume, and it is closed. The temperature and humidity of the mixture are consistent with the sample pretreatment conditions. The drop test requires that the number of tests is 6, and the drop height is 0.8m. The pretreated samples are lifted to the predetermined height with the test equipment in the test. After being stabilized, start the drop device to make the samples instantly fall freely. Each sample falls once. When falling, first make the bottom edge of each barrel collide with the ground at any point, and then make the pre outer edge of each barrel collide with the ground at the point adjacent to the handle of the closer. The test is completed, Check whether the bottom cover of the barrel falls off and whether the inner packaging is leaked

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