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Tesla will build a factory in China, and FF (Faraday future) has introduced Evergrande group investment to continue its life. Weilai, which has a loss of more than 10billion, plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Since this year, the racers of these "new forces of car making" have earned enough attention. Incomplete statistics, including well-known or unknown companies such as Weilai, Weima, Xiaopeng, FF, byton, singularity, Aichi and Yundu, have reached a huge scale of nearly 100 new car making companies

new forces of car making a rare capital gamble

with the continuous development of information technology, all walks of life began to be vigorously interconnected +. Among them, the new car enterprises with the concept of interconnection constitute the current pattern of "new forces in car making". However, such a task is difficult for the whole country. Due to the crazy entry of market capital, people seem to see a glimmer of hope. But after careful analysis, it can be found that these new forces of car making are making waves in capital, which is more like a rare wave of capital gambling

making a car is not like making a car. Its zero tolerance for quality control and requirements for core technology can be known by even laymen. You should know that the automobile is a product composed of tens of thousands of parts, and there are hundreds of core parts. Up to now, the level of domestic cars in terms of engines, automatic transmissions and chassis cannot be compared with that of foreign countries. Most of the new forces of car making focus on medium and high-end models, and also integrate cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous driving, car Federation, informatization, etc., which have not yet achieved mature results. It is not too much to say that it is the "great leap forward"

compared with the investment in traditional car making, the consumption of capital by the new car making army is amazing. Burning money is the first hurdle faced by all new car manufacturers. Even Weilai, which has completed financing of more than 14billion yuan, has delivered 481 es8 by the end of July, and has repeatedly delayed batch delivery. Besides Tesla, this has become the number one of the new forces. According to Li Bin, chairman of Weilai automobile, it will cost at least 20billion yuan to build a car, while he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng automobile, even believes that at least 30billion yuan can cross the threshold

the dilemma behind the new car's failure to start talking first

in 2018, the time has come for the new power auto brands Weilai, Weima and Xiaopeng to promise mass production. Although none of the three companies showed any sign of being able to fulfill their commitments on time, the big guys have opened the talking gun mode in the circle of friends. A few days ago, he Xiaopeng released a circle of friends saying, "this year's new car manufacturing enterprises have not been able to deliver 10000 units." Then Li Bin and he Xiaopeng bet that "if Wei Lai fails to deliver 10000 cars this year, he Xiaopeng will be compensated for an es8."

Wei Lai is busy with the IPO, which is intended to replenish his blood through listing, while Xiaopeng automobile recently raised money and made some "shocking" remarks to attract the attention of all parties. In August, Xiaopeng automobile's argument that "the core of smart cars is operation, not manufacturing" shocked the industry and outside the industry. Then "there are only four Chinese automobile manufacturers developing and manufacturing smart cars", which puts Xiaopeng together with the old domestic car brands SAIC and Geely, and classifies Wei Lai, the famous new force of car making, as one of them

although the marketing ability of Internet + new cars is strong, it can be exposed in a high profile, which can not hide the embarrassment of "ppt making cars". What is reflected behind this dilemma is a common dilemma of the new forces of car making. If they do not "encourage the young", they will not be able to attract more funds in the capital circle. The blood will be cut off before the eight characters are skimmed, and the previous investment will be burned. But the high-profile marketing also contrasts with the reality of insufficient car making strength

Weilai, Weima and Xiaopeng are all benchmarked Tesla, so the car they want to build is not a low-end model that Geely, such an old generation, is willing to bow their heads and plough deeply. We should know that all car manufacturing enterprises have to go through the project approval, investment, research and development, new car delivery, and market tests. Only after this circle of money burning is completed, and a sufficient number of users accept it, can they be officially separated from life and death and enter the fierce market competition. Whether we can survive in the end, in addition to excellent product manufacturing capabilities and mastery of core technologies, there are also ever-changing market tests, especially in the field of medium and high-end vehicles with extremely high standards

even Tesla, founded in 2003, with the continuous support of iron man Elon Musk's personal powerful aura, put the car into outer space for marketing. Now it is still struggling with the line of life and death. In the domestic market, which itself "underestimates" domestic cars, the prospect of these new forces of car making is a narrow escape. Such an external environment, but also around the mouth cannon, no doubt drink poison to quench thirst

the mass production of new forces can only last 0.01 life

many people take Geely as an example. At that time, Li Shufu started his career in car manufacturing with a starting capital of 100million and finally invested hundreds of millions. Now Geely is a giant with a market value of HK $143.116 billion, and "snake swallow elephant" Volvo has completed the layout of medium and high-end cars. But can these new forces of car making replicate the success of Geely in those years? Moreover, the prosperity of China's economy today is completely different from that in those years. It seems that as long as Weilai, Weima, Xiaopeng and others achieve mass production of vehicles, they have not asked the question that this will promote wind turbine manufacturers to "go global"

however, three reasons determine that it is difficult for the new forces of car making to replicate Geely's success. Even if mass production can be achieved, it is nothing more than a narrow escape from death

the first reason: positioning in the middle and high end, the market acceptance is questionable. In those days, although Li Shufu was a "bankrupt" car maker, his main market was very in line with the real environment. At that time, the domestic economy was just developing, the popularity of cars was extremely low, and the prices of imported models and joint venture models were generally expensive "outrageous". The low-end strategy of domestic cars is a war of differentiation. The ambition of the new forces of car building is not willing to start from the "low place". Let's see how the quotation of these new cars affects how the axial force generated by the spring is transferred to adjacent parts

not long ago, Pacific automobile learned from official channels that the domestic price of FF 91, the first mass-produced SUV under Faraday future, may exceed 2million yuan. On December 16, 2017, Weilai es8 was officially launched, and the price of the basic model of the new car was 448000 ~ 548000 yuan; The G3 price range of Xiaopeng automobile (or higher than 200000 yuan)

although there were still opportunities for policy subsidies for new energy vehicles when the new forces were founded, subsidies across the country have begun to decline this year, and it is rumored that they will be fully withdrawn in 2020. As a new force in the auto market, the accumulation of public praise is all zero, and the price is often hundreds of thousands. Now, the domestic medium and high-end market has already formed a brand matrix that can give polypropylene more excellent optical properties. How much can these new forces tear open in it? I'm afraid it's not optimistic

the second reason: the interconnection of auto drive system and intelligence is not just needed by cars. As a three-year-old driver, whether buying a car a few years ago or changing a car in the future, autonomous driving and intelligent interconnection are not what I just need. Most people in medium and high-end cars are business people and middle-class people. Their attention to safety determines that they rarely rush to be "white mice" because of the pursuit of new concepts

moreover, in the past few years since Tesla launched the market, there have been more than one automatic driving accident both abroad and at home. The biggest problem facing these new forces of car building is neither car building nor marketing. The key is how to make target users believe in their safety. The so-called "bright spots" of the new forces of car building itself do not hit the hard needs. In addition to the Internet people who accept new things to a high degree, looking at domestic users, the acceptance of this is very worrying

on the eve of delivery last month, a Vemma Ex5 suddenly ignited. It is confirmed from the side that these new forces of car making still have many deficiencies in the mastery of automobile quality control and core technology. Even if it is an accidental event, as an Internet new car with high attention, a small scandal may be infinitely amplified by the media (a double-edged sword of public opinion). No wonder Wei Jianjun, chairman of Changcheng automobile, will say that "the probability of success of a new car making enterprise is only 0.01%". It is difficult in reality, Perhaps more severe than Wei said

the third reason: traditional car companies are ready to go, and the new car concept may be "cut off". Globally, Tesla has faced pressure from Porsche taycan, Jaguar i-pace, Audi e-tron, Mercedes Benz EQ electric concept car, etc. Compared with the penetration from the interconnection layer to the vehicle building, the upward penetration resistance of traditional automobile manufacturers will be smaller. These traditional car companies, which already have mature brands, car making experience and core technologies, can launch similar concept cars as soon as they smell the changes in the market, and will have more advantages in cost. It is not a joke that the great achievements of new car concepts are "cut off"

moreover, domestic automobile manufacturers have also stepped up the pace of interconnection. In July 2016, Alibaba and SAIC cooperated to launch the world's first mass-produced connected car, the SAIC Roewe rx5 equipped with Alibaba yunos for car. Last month, Chang'an Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu. The two sides will explore cooperation in the fields of automatic driving full technology chain process, functional safety and information security, car couplets and so on. Domestic traditional cars will exert pressure on new forces in the middle and low-end market

with Tesla's example, even if the new car makers successfully mass produce new cars, they will face a series of tests such as market acceptance, actual driving, safety and so on

building a car, especially a new car with autonomous driving ability in the middle and high end of building "iterative" traditional cars, is a bottomless hole of burning money. In order to finance, these new forces of car making have to win attention by mouth marketing, so that the capital can come in and complete the ideal. However, the consequence of mouth cannon is to constantly pigeon the "spectators", that is, to continuously dilute the public's trust in them. This is not a good thing for the new forces of car building, but it is difficult to ride a tiger, and the medicine cannot be stopped. It is a long march of nine deaths and no life after all

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