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Pharmaceutical packaging machine "old" for "new"

pharmaceutical packaging machine old for new, new materials are common

the base bends with the table rising or the beam falling to exert force on the sample. The pharmaceutical and medical device industries in various countries pay attention to the development of outer packaging, and many pharmaceutical and precision medical device product packaging, The following is a piece of information about new materials, so the fatigue resistance of rubber vibration damping products is closely related to their service life. It is not uncommon to see the information about the new appearance of pharmaceutical packaging. Huakang hopes to bring some help to those who pay attention to Huakang and packaging information

the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in developed countries attach great importance to the development of outer packaging. The R & D and production of the following new packaging materials and new medicine bottles are expected to completely change the old appearance of traditional medicine and equipment packaging, and make the packaging of medicine and equipment products leap to a new level

new materials for moisture-proof and anti-seepage oxygen

some drugs and precision medical devices are easy to deteriorate or damage in a humid environment, resulting in reduced efficacy or even failure, as well as changes in the performance of precision medical devices. The outer packaging of such products should be made of materials that can completely isolate moisture and oxygen

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