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The national development and Reform Commission recently issued China's first coal industry policy, which will play a positive role in promoting strict industrial access, accelerating structural adjustment and improving productivity in China's coal industry

the policy defines the encouraging, restrictive and prohibitive policies from the aspects of development objectives, industrial layout, industrial access, etc., and puts forward the development objectives of the coal industry and the guarantee measures to achieve the objectives. According to the policy, in the future, the annual production capacity of new, reconstructed and expanded mines in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces (regions) will not be less than 1.2 million tons. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the relevant departments will stop approving (approving) new projects with an annual output of less than 300000 tons

speed up the exploration and development of resources in the western region

in the future, China's coal industry will adopt the policy orientation of stabilizing the scale of coal production in the eastern region, strengthening the construction of large coal bases in the central coal resource rich regions, accelerating the exploration and appropriate development of coal resources in the western region, and adjusting the layout of the coal industry

it is understood that in the future, China's passive needle cannot stop at any position, and 13 large coal bases will be built in Shendong, northern Shanxi, Central Shanxi, Eastern Shanxi, Northern Shaanxi, Huanglong (Huating), Luxi, Lianghuai, Henan, Yunnan Guizhou, Mengdong (northeast), Ningdong, etc., to improve the sustainable and stable supply capacity of coal

in addition, in order to vigorously promote the coordinated development of coal, coalbed methane and other resources and the efficient utilization of infrastructure, the policy points out that in the future, in large coal bases, in principle, one mining area can be developed by one entity, and one entity can develop multiple mining areas. According to the conditions of resource endowment, transportation, water resources and environmental carrying capacity, this method is suitable for determining the regional coal development scale and intensity in the old hydraulic universal experimental machine with oil cylinder and pointer, and giving priority to the construction of large and extra large modern coal mines in large packaged coal fields and resource rich areas

according to the industrial layout, the policy will encourage the construction of pithead power stations, give priority to the development of coal and electricity integration projects, and give priority to the development of circular economy and comprehensive resource utilization projects. New large and medium-sized coal mines shall be equipped with coal preparation plants of corresponding scale, and the construction of group coal preparation plants in the centralized mining areas of small and medium-sized coal mines is encouraged

coal chemical industry should be moderately developed in areas with sufficient water resources and rich coal resources, limited to coal transfer areas and areas with insufficient water resources, and prohibited from developing coal chemical industry in areas with insufficient environmental capacity. The State implements protective development of special and scarce coal types and restricts the development of high sulfur and high ash coal resources

the policy proposes that in the future, the annual production specification jjg475 (2) 008 "verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine" of newly built, reconstructed and expanded mines in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces (regions) will not be less than 1.2 million tons; The annual production capacity of new, reconstructed and expanded mines in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces (cities) will not be less than 150000 tons; The scale of newly built, reconstructed and expanded mines in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces (regions) will not be less than 90000 tons; The scale of newly built, reconstructed and expanded mines in other regions shall not be less than 300000 tons

in view of the current large number of small coal mines, unreasonable layout, and the situation of damaging resources and environment has not been fundamentally improved, the situation of coal mine safety production is still grim, and the approval (APPROVAL) of new coal mine projects with an annual capacity of less than 300000 tons will be stopped during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

encourage independent production of major equipment

the coal industry will encourage the use of high and new technologies and advanced applicable technologies to build high-yield and efficient mines; Encourage the development of open-pit mining technology; Encourage the development of comprehensive mechanized coal mining technology, and promote wall coal mining, which experts believe. The policy points out that the coal industry should develop complete sets of technologies for small coal mines and mining technologies to improve resource recovery, such as mechanization of mining in thin coal seams, underground filling, "three under" mining, corner coal recovery, etc., encourage the research on the technology of fully mechanized sublevel caving in steep and extra thick coal seams, and encourage the construction of demonstration projects such as low-grade and difficult to mine underground gasification

the policy also puts forward that in the future, the coal industry will develop automatic control and centralized control coal preparation technology and equipment. Research and develop high-efficiency dry coal preparation technology, water-saving coal preparation technology, large screening equipment and desulfurization technology to recover sulfur resources. Encourage coal enterprises to implement technological transformation aimed at industrial upgrading. Encourage the research, development, integration and independent production of key technologies and major equipment such as coal exploration, mining, washing, processing and transformation through various ways

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