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The change of drugs should be completed within a month, focusing on highlighting professional chemical names and weakening brands. Less than a month is left before the deadline for drug change. Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Guangdong provincial drug and food administration revealed to the public that there are more than 10000 drugs in Guangdong Province that need to be updated in packaging. At present, 80% of the drugs have completed the update of instructions and packaging and are ready to be launched into the market. The length of pressure bar and test piece makes the leading products reach and approach the advanced level of similar foreign products; The stacking error of the direction center line shall not be greater than 1 mm, and σ The value difference should not be greater than 1 mm

weaken the brand and change to the chemical name

because the order No. 24 issued by the State Food and Drug Administration last year stipulates that enterprises should weaken the trade name of drugs, which means that the familiar drug names such as Tylenol, Baijiahei and Ganmaoqing will not be seen at the first sight in pharmacies in the future, but the professional chemical name paracetamol will be replaced

this is obviously not conducive to the brand publicity of enterprises, especially some enterprises that have invested a lot of money in product publicity, and it is more difficult to accept the behavior of weakening their own brands. A person in charge of a foreign enterprise who did not want to be named revealed to the public that, like the previous regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration on the name of health care products, the order No. 24 of this time has a great impact on some familiar brands such as Keke and Kangtaike, although most enterprises are unwilling to admit it

in addition, if you want to change the packaging, there will certainly be a transitional period of communication with buyers, and there are also certain risks. A person in charge of a chain drugstore said

changing packaging increases the cost of enterprises

changing packaging seems simple, but it still has a great impact on pharmaceutical enterprises. First, increasing the cost is a pressure. In the interview, the person in charge of a pharmaceutical company revealed the mystery to him. However, when asked whether it will increase the price due to its good control performance and experimental accuracy, most enterprises are quite cautious about this

Ouyangqiang, the director of Guangzhou chenliji pharmaceutical factory of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, said that he had spent a lot of money on product publicity and would consider raising the price, but he would certainly conduct market research according to the procedure and make a decision after understanding the acceptance of consumers

a consumer said to us that the change of drug name and packaging instructions has little impact on us, and the focus is on the internal quality and price of drugs

it can improve the current situation of multiple drugs for one drug

although there are various inconveniences, industry insiders believe that the drug replacement is generally conducive to improving the current situation of the proliferation of multiple drugs for one drug. A person in charge of the Guangdong food and Drug Administration said that the standardization of drug packaging can be seen as an improvement of the pharmaceutical industry, which effectively prevents some enterprises from using unregistered trademarks to publicize and mislead products, and consumers no longer need to be misled by various drug trade names

it is understood that at present, many enterprises have changed the packaging of their drugs. On September 2, Chen Liji pharmaceutical factory announced the new packaging of its entire line of products, and the new packaging samples of all drugs of other Guangyao group have already been completed

ouyangqiang believed that because the change of drug name was not involved in this change, it had little impact on traditional Chinese medicine. Although for enterprises, changing clothes means a kind of pain, on the whole, it is certainly beneficial to improve the concentration of the whole industry and regulate the development of the pharmaceutical industry

background Order No. 24

order No. 24 of the regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels (hereinafter referred to as order No. 24) issued by the State Food and Drug Administration last year stipulates that all drugs produced and delivered by pharmaceutical enterprises from October 1, 2007 must be modified in accordance with the new regulations

the new regulations have made detailed provisions on the contents of the drug outer packaging box and instructions, including general name, trade name, trademark size, name location, font, font size, font color, etc

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