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Pharmaceutical natural rubber stopper and polyester film pad are dead.

National 6. Turn the aperture on the light source to the minimum. According to the food and Drug Administration and the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, pharmaceutical natural rubber stopper and polyester film pad are dead, and pharmaceutical enterprises pay close attention to new packaging materials with reasonable cost performance

it is reported that in foreign countries, pharmaceutical enterprises no longer use natural rubber stoppers. The Chinese government has notified relevant domestic parties since 1995 and spent ten years preparing to completely eliminate natural rubber stoppers. This work was completed at the end of 2004. Taking into account the actual situation, the government gave another year of transition period in Document No. 13 of 2005. On the whole, the completion of this work is relatively satisfactory. In addition to the therapeutic infusion among the infusion varieties, other varieties have eliminated the use of natural rubber plugs. Some enterprises have some pain. In the second half of 2005, some pharmaceutical factories were investigated and dealt with for the sake of drug quality and the safety and effectiveness of drug use for the people

according to another report, the registration of polyester film production certificate has also been completed, and the State Food and Drug Administration will no longer register it. If pharmaceutical companies want to buy Polyester film this year, all they buy are illegally produced polyester film

it is understood that China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the innovation system with enterprises as the main body has not been established. In terms of the industry of the whole country, the ability of independent innovation is relatively weak, and many key technologies still need to be introduced and imported. In our country, 30% of large and medium-sized enterprises have scientific research and development activities, and the scientific research and development expenses of our so-called top 500 enterprises account for only 1.6% of their sales. The current situation is that the ability to introduce foreign digestion and absorption is relatively weak. According to the statistics of the Ministry of science and technology, the proportion of funds to introduce digestion, absorption and re innovation is: 1 yuan is introduced, and only 7 cents are digested and absorbed; Japan is 1:5, the introduction of 1 yuan, digestion and absorption of 5 yuan; South Korea is 1:8

China's supervision of pharmaceutical packaging containers and materials is basically in line with international standards. The State Food and Drug Administration stressed that enterprises investing in China must pay attention to three aspects: the Chinese Drug Administration Law, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and the YBB standard issued by the State Food and drug administration

then calculate the experimental amplitude of the stress state of the plate spring and the experimental pre deformation information source:

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