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According to Liu Changshong, a doctor at the plastic surgery laser center of the fourth hospital of Harbin Medical University, a 12-year-old actress, Xiao Li, was sent to the hospital by her parents on the morning of the 1st, but her profits were relatively high. The child's cheek was hit by her door with a "cut of about two centimeters", and blood flowed. The doctor had to sew up the wound for Xiao Li as usual. Xiao Li was so anxious that she cried to measure the stress change on the sample. It turns out that Xiao Li is the backbone of literature and art in the school. She will participate in a very important performance that day. If she stitches her face, she can't perform makeup

the doctor immediately decided to use a brand-new cosmetic glue to stick Xiaoli's wound. After the wound is glued, the surface is flat and will not affect the makeup effect. According to the doctor, this cosmetic glue is limited to some injuries, such as shallow wounds, neat wounds, and no exudates after treatment

On the 4th, Xiao Li went to the hospital to change her dressing. The doctor found that although she performed makeup immediately after her injury, Xiao Li's wound was not affected and began to heal. According to reports, Xiao Li is the first patient in Harbin to stick her face with "beauty glue"

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