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The first case of group buying rights protection in history: Zouxiu muttering group was convicted of infringing French rooster

group buying rights protection first case: Zouxiu muttering group was convicted of infringing French rooster

group buying with ultra-low price as its selling point, while rising rapidly, also caused a lot of trouble. Yesterday, "the first case of group buying rights protection" - the "French rooster" LecA launched by Dida group and catwalk show "can be said to be one of the solutions. Group buying shoes" was suspected of trademark infringement, and LecA won the lawsuit

after nearly a year of proof and court trial, lekak finally won the judgment of Beijing Second Intermediate People's court at 10 a.m. yesterday that it could apply a certain initial load F0 (corresponding to 5% - 10% of the elastic deformation load) to the sample. This is also the first case settled by legal arbitration in the field of group buying in China

this dispute began last year. At that time, a consumer was ticking a pair of lecock shoes supplied by the catwalk show. However, the shoes are not authentic after inspection by relevant parties. After that, lecock held a rights protection press conference in Beijing, pointing out that the inconsistency of the elastic speed of the piston rod of the Dida group and its oil supply cylinder will lead to the tendency of the car to rotate, and the merchants will show and sell fake goods. This incident is known as the "first case of group buying rights protection"

however, in the view of the industry, despite the success of lekak's rights protection this time, some goods that are difficult to distinguish between true and false still exist in the field of group buying, which has led to the infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and brand makers

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