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App withdrew the first case of China's green consumption and won without battle

the company of golden light group (APP China), known as the first case of China's green consumption, maintained the parameter state entered before the last power outage, and the Department sued the reputation infringement case of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association, which had an unexpected dramatic outcome: the plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit suddenly, and Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association won without battle

Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association and China Environmental Protection Federation held a briefing in Hangzhou this morning. Du Juexiang, Deputy Secretary General of the association, said that the outcome was "unexpected" and "reasonable"

why did golden light group withdraw the lawsuit suddenly? Pang Bangcai, the judge who tried the case, told that the golden light group did not give any reason in the withdrawal application. Hu Xiangfu, a lawyer from Zhejiang Xingyun law firm and an agent entrusted by Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association, speculated that because they had a large number of conclusive evidence of the deforestation of the golden light group, the golden light group was worried that there was no hope of winning the lawsuit, and the truth of the deforestation would be revealed again, and the scars would be exposed more and more, so it made a "wise move" to withdraw the lawsuit

Du Juexiang, the initiator of this case, talked to the media about his confusion: as a world-renowned paper company, Jinguang group uses wood pulp as raw material. Why did it make a solemn commitment to "not damage the environment" abroad, but refused to make the same clear commitment in China? They are implementing or will implement a large-scale forest pulp paper integration project in Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Henan, Liaoning and other places in China, but they are unwilling to promise to protect the ecological environment, and the consequences that have been or may be caused cannot help worrying people. He hoped that the golden light group could make effective and serious commitments to China and correct its illegal acts, otherwise the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association would continue to boycott its products

Greenpeace, the first organization to expose the deforestation incident of the golden light group, also sent representatives to attend today's briefing. Ms. Zhong Yu, the project director who has been involved in the investigation of the incident, pointed out that the deforestation area of Jinguang group is far larger than the 9500 Mu announced by the State Forestry Administration in the investigation report, because this figure is only provided by a place in Lancang County, and Jinguang group has implemented its Forest Pulp paper integration project in many counties and cities in Yunnan Province. According to China's forest law, cutting a few mu of forest without a license can be filed for investigation and treatment, while the school of materials science and engineering of Henan University of technology uses copper nickel tin phosphorus amorphous alloy foil as the intermediate layer, uses argon protection, and adopts instantaneous liquid-phase dispersion welding at different connection temperatures to connect TA2 titanium plates. The effects of connection temperature on joint structure, hardness and hardness were studied by optical microscope, microhardness tester and material testing machine The influence of microhardness and shear strength. Jinguang group has illegally cut down so many natural forests. Why has the relevant department not taken law enforcement action so far? The precautions and standard phenomenon of this external wall insulation material testing machine are confusing and only for reference. She said that Greenpeace would not stop fighting at this point

the China Environmental Protection Federation, which has just been established, recently publicly expressed to the media that it supports the environmental protection actions of the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association. Zeng Xiaodong, the Secretary General of the Federation, said that he would fully support the voluntary act of the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association and had organized environmental law experts to discuss the case

Peng Jinxin, head of the rights protection center of the China Environmental Protection Federation, who rushed to Hangzhou to express his support, said at the briefing that the action of the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to boycott the products of the golden light group has sufficient legal basis, meets the requirements of national sustainable development, and is a just act that conforms to the trend of the times of "harmony between man and nature", and should be advocated by the society, supported by the public, and protected by law. The China Environmental Protection Federation will hold high the banner of "upholding environmental justice and safeguarding environmental rights and interests" and continue to support all citizens and all social organizations in their efforts to protect the environment

Chen maoyun, a lawyer from Beijing Dingye law firm hired by the association, believes that whether it is the behavior of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to boycott the products of Jinguang group itself, or the case of Jinguang group suing it for violating its reputation, it is worth writing a special book in China's environmental protection history. The outcome of winning without fighting is not only the victory of environmental protection groups in protecting the environment, but also the victory of media support for environmental protection. However, this incident is not understood. It is necessary to study the series of events involved in the case and many events behind it

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